Jerry Jones Belittles Jimmy Johnson in Defense of Jason Garrett

Gene StrotherCorrespondent IIINovember 15, 2011

17 Sep 1989:  Dallas Cowboys head coach Jimmy Johnson (left) and owner Jerry Jones look on during a game against the Atlanta Falcons at Fulton County Stadium in Atlanta, Georgia.  The Falcons won the game, 27-21. Mandatory Credit: Allen Dean Steele  /Alls
Allen Steele/Getty Images

Jerry Jones ought to have the world by the tail. If you are a sports fan and a fan of financial security, notoriety and power, you would likely trade places with him in a heartbeat.

But Jones' thirst for recognition is beyond insatiable: it is irrational.

Despite being the owner of three Lombardi trophies and the owner of a franchise that has won five of them, despite having built his dream stadium to the accolades of the world, despite owning one of the signature franchises in the world's greatest sports league, Jones still smarts over not getting credit for the success of the early '90s Cowboys.

How else do you explain Jones' response to the suggestion that Jason Garrett consider hiring an offensive coordinator?

Last week, Jones made the following statement during an interview on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas:

"Jimmy was what I call a walk-around coach. [Bill] Parcells was a walk-around coach. Joe Gibbs is a guy who believes that the head coach needs to be in charge of either the offense or the defense and needs to be the coordinator. It brings you stature, it involves you in the game and gives you more respect with the players.

It's different schools of thought. I've always thought that Jason Garrett could handle coordinating as well as being the head coach."

So, Jones, in defense of Garrett acting as his own coordinator, elects to denigrate the achievement of two of his former coaches—two coaches that just happen to have among the most impressive resumès in NFL history?

Granted, Jerry was responding to Jimmy Johnson's insistence that Garrett should hire an offensive coordinator, an opinion the former Cowboys' coach shared during the FOX pregame show a week ago Sunday.

So, you might say that Jimmy fired the first shot.

Still, Jones' return volley was an overreach of gargantuan proportions

This past weekend, Johnson fired back at Jones by naming several "walk-around" coaches, including Tom Landry and Don Shula and reminded Jones that between them they have won 20 Super Bowls. He wondered aloud whether Jones thought such men had the respect of his players.

We are closing in on being 20 years removed from the glory of the '90s Cowboys. Almost universally, Jimmy Johnson has been seen as the architect and driving force behind the three championships won by that team, though he was not even present for the third one.

The fact that Johnson has been given so much credit has been the driving force behind most every decision Jerry Jones has made since.

Everything Jerry Jones does as the owner of the Dallas Cowboys appears to be for the purpose of building a successful team in such a way that he will get the credit. I am convinced he would rather not win another Super Bowl than win one and have to defer credit to someone else.

Thus, he does things like bringing in Bill Parcells just long enough to rescue the franchise from the quagmire of mediocrity a decade of his insane selfishness placed it in.

All of this rancor and recriminations notwithstanding, Jason Garrett may be the perfect answer for both Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys fan. Garrett is, I believe, destined to greatness as an NFL head coach. He is also Jerry Jones' very own, homegrown, hand-picked prodigy.

If Garrett wins it all, it may finally be a win-win for all.

Unless, of course, the world fails to give Jones credit for it.