UFC 150: How Many Title Fights Will Be on the Historic Card?

Adam ReiterCorrespondent IIINovember 14, 2011

Back in July of 2009, UFC 100 made history as the most purchased UFC pay-per-view of all time (1.6 million buys).

The main reason why it was so popular was it featured two of the sports biggest stars in championship fights: Brock Lesnar defending the Heavyweight Championship against Frank Mir and Georges St-Pierre defending the Welterweight Championship against Thiago Alves.

Now, almost two and a half years later, the speculation for UFC 150, scheduled to take place in the Summer of 2012, is off the charts.

With the purchase of Strikeforce, the merger with the WEC and, most notably, the new contract with Fox, the UFC has grown a lot in the past 28 months, creating a brand much bigger than what it was back in July of 2009.

Now, the question remains: How does the company top UFC 100?

The easy answer is more title fights, but how many?

With the addition of the WEC fighters, the bantamweight and featherweight divisions have added two new championships to the existing five in the UFC.

As of right now, only four divisions have title matches scheduled, and none of these match-ups are scheduled to take place after February 26th. That still leaves four months until the expected date of UFC 150.

Now, a "Night of Champions" such as that in the WWE might seem crazy to people, but the opportunity to make every match on the pay-per-view card a championship match is a possibility that would be extremely intriguing and would, beyond a shadow of a doubt, smash the UFC 100 buy rate record.