Penn State Scandal: Why All Underclassmen Should Be Allowed to Transfer

Jayson LoveCorrespondent INovember 13, 2011

PSU's interim coach Tom Bradley
PSU's interim coach Tom BradleyJustin K. Aller/Getty Images

The transfer rules in the NCAA have always been troubling to me.

The two-year sit out for in-conference transfer rule is bad enough, but even sitting out one year to transfer out of conference is tough as well.

I understand that you don't want kids transferring in and out of programs just because they feel like they are being underutilized or because they dislike having to work for something, but locking a kid into a school at times is unfair.

This is one of those times.

When a scandal such as the one at Penn State is uncovered, the NCAA needs to step in and allow players to leave without transfer penalties.

It is a clear case of misrepresentation, and the circumstances were beyond the control of the current crop of PSU players.

PSU promised these kids a program under the motto of "Success with Honor"—PSU cannot offer that now.

Moreover, these kids committed to play for Joe Paterno, a man they thought lived by that code.

Now, he is no longer the coach and is no longer that man.

Why should a kid who wants to transfer because of circumstances like these be forced to sit out a year?

The rule basically forces players who would be juniors or seniors to play their final year or two at PSU, as sitting out a year when you are a developed player simply is not usually worth it in terms of bettering pro status or getting on with your life.

Since most players won't be pros, they also should be allowed a transfer without penalty so that they can obtain their degrees elsewhere; a degree from PSU simply doesn't mean what it meant two long weeks ago.

You are forcing them to live with the stigma attached to the PSU brand, and being a football player in this era of Nittany Lions football.

SInce most of the kids recruited to Penn State most likely were recruited by schools in the Big Ten, they ought to throw out the two-year rule for these kids as well.

Please governing bodies of the NCAA, think of the student athletes for once.