Should Andy Reid Be Fired? Embarrassing Loss to Arizona Brings Him Step Closer

WesAnalyst INovember 13, 2011

PHILADELPHIA, PA - NOVEMBER 07: Head coach Andy Reid of the Philadelphia Eagles looks on during the second quarter of the game against the Chicago Bears at Lincoln Financial Field on November 7, 2011 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images)
Nick Laham/Getty Images

Andy Reid should be fired on the spot following the Eagles' 21-17 loss to the Arizona Cardinals.

Reid had 78 losses entering Sunday afternoon's game at Lincoln Financial Field. Along the way he's hit plenty of low points, including losing four consecutive NFC Championships. But loss No.79 may be the most disgraceful, embarrassing, utterly disgusting loss of his career.

That pathetic performance against second-string quarterback John Skelton leaves the Eagles sitting at 3-6 with no shot to make the playoffs.

This was supposed to be a layup win for the Eagles because Andy Reid's trademark is to feast off terrible teams.

His career has been bolstered by a weak NFC East and a lackluster NFC. But now with the NFC East slowly coming around and teams like the Saints, Packers, Falcons and Giants showing life every so often Reid can no longer hide his many flaws.

In 13 years, Reid has amassed 121 career wins, the most by any head coach in Philadelphia's history, and he's done it against a relatively poor NFC East.

Since taking over as the head coach in 1999, Dallas, New York and Washington have combined to win nine playoff games with two of them coming against Reid himself. It hasn't exactly been the heyday for a division considered by many as the best in NFL history.

But Reid has fed off the slop, won six division titles, qualified for the playoffs nine times, reached the NFC Championship game five times and coached in one Super Bowl.

Entering this season everyone expected Reid to dominate the division given his resume and the offseason acquisitions.

Philadelphia unloaded Kevin Kolb to Arizona and brought in Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie. They also added Nnamdi Asomugha, Cullen Jenkins, Jason Babin, Vince Young, Ronnie Brown and Steve Smith.

The Eagles tried to bolster the team through the draft too with Danny Watkins, Casey Matthews and Alex Henery

Through nine games the Eagles' season is done.

It has fans wondering if Reid has finally wore out his welcome and what it would take for Reid to lose his job. But efforts like this will get the job done.

It seemed like the the NFL was simply too bad for a team of the Eagles talent to only win four or five games.

There's what, two, maybe three good teams in the NFL?

Then there's a bunch of decent teams with major flaws followed by complete garbage like the Arizona Cardinals.

Right now the Eagles are doing their best to get thrown into the garbage category.  They can't win at home, they can't finish games in the fourth quarter, and they can't beat the worst of the worst in the NFL.

The Eagles are 3-9 since their Miracle at the Meadowlands last year and with the Giants up next, you might as well make it 3-10.

Think about that.

This team is going through a 13-game stretch that would rival the Minnesota Vikings, Washington Redskins, and St. Louis Rams.

The fans know it's bad and the fans know a change is needed. But what does the front office see?

There is probably a conversation between owner Jeffrey Lurie and President Joe Banner going something like this: "Well we got unlucky by blowing five games in the fourth quarter. Vick was hurt at the end of a couple games. If things go our way we're looking at 10 or more wins."

If. If. If. If. If.

Unfortunately, Lurie and Banner won't look at the opposite and say, "If it wasn't for the NFL being an absolute joke this team would only have two wins right now. Andy made a mistake with Juan Castillo. And what's up with him ignoring the linebacker position and not getting a safety since Brian Dawkins left town?"

But that's the way things go in the Eagles' front office. Everyone wants to turn a blind eye to reality and pretend the coaches and players are something they really aren't.


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