Giants-Panthers: NFL Game Of The Week

Thomas H.Correspondent IDecember 16, 2008

With the season ending, the pure football playing is leaving and the playoff teams are becoming clear. So when do we watch football now? When the playoff teams collide against each other.

The Carolina Panthers come to the end of the playoffs still winning their division...barely. All four teams are in the race. Plus, they have the tough Giants and the feirce Saints left to play. So, can they make it all the way?

The New York Giants started this season hot, but have slowed down greatly. Can they pull up their game and grab their division over the rising Cowboys? With two straight tough division losses, no one knows.

To be honest, both teams will probably make the cut. The question is, who looks like the NFC king?

Jake Delhomme has had a quiet season, barely doing anything for his team. Think about this: In their last two wins, he has thrown more picks than touchdowns. Do they even need him there?

The Giants secondary is a strong crew who is getting better as they go, that was until they got beat by the Cowboys. Romo burnt them pretty bad, leaving 244 yards and 2 touchdowns in a 20-for-30 attempt show.

Delhomme gets 175 yards in the game with a touchdown and interception.

DeAngelo Williams is on FIRE. In the last two wins, he is averaging over eight yards per attempt and has gotten a 186 and 88 yard games. Truly, he is seeing the ball better in the last few games.

Jonathan Stewart also had a 100+ yard game against the Buccaneers, but had a slower 50 yard game against the Broncos. He has looked pretty good, but is still No. 2.

The Giants running defense only allows 90.8 yards per game though, so what happens when two good teams fall hard? They end up in a tie, so DeAngelo has a 85 yard game and Stewart had a 50 yard game.

Eli Manning has become a true leader, but he hasn't been in losses.

Eli has had two straight games under 200 yards, with two interceptions against the Cowboys! Aye, aye, aye, how can he make it up?

He goes up against a Panthers secondary that has basically been switching off good games, and with their good game against Cutler I see Manning does well.

Eli Manning gets a 250 yard, three touchdown and a pick game as he works hard this week.

There is a reason a running game is named "Earth, Wind and Fire". It deserves a nickname when its been strong!

Brandon Jacobs, Earth, is the rough and tough tank who has done the best this season. He knows how to push the ball when they need yards. The problem is, he won't be back yet.

So, Derrick Ward has to become the main spot. He had a 64 yard game though, which doesn't make the cut. He has to have a big game.

Meanwhile, Ahmad Bradshaw has been...silent.

Still, the Panthers don't have the best defensive line, ranked 18th in the league. Ward gets 90 yards and a touchdown and shows up big!

OK, lets make the pick. Here it comes!

Final Score

New York (G): 35      Carolina: 21

The X Factor is Delhomme and the Giants running game. Depending on which of those show up, that will be the game.

Other Picks

IND: 28   JAC: 14                      TNF? No ring to it!

DAL: 27    BAL: 24                     Dallas is rolling well.

CLE: 14    CIN:10                       But I just don't know.

NO:35    DET: 20                            BLOW HIM OUT!

MIA: 24     KC: 14                        Garghhh! Why must Miami win!

NE:  28        ARI: 20                  Cards are slowing down a bit.

SF: 21       STL: 20                     Close game, bad game.

PIT: 28      TEN: 17               What do the Titans have that are better?

TB: 42     SD: 31                Ha, I wanted to make a high scorer.

DEN: 21    BUFF: 10              Hmmmm, I am not sure though.

HOU: 24     OAK: 7                  Houston isn't bad!

NYJ: 28     SEA: 14                J-E-T-S jets jets jets!

ATL: 28      MIN: 27           That will be a fabulous game.

PHI: 24      WAS: 20             Close one, Philly's rollin'!

CHI: 24       GB: 17               Bears are good, Packers are flailing.



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