John Daly Storms off Course with Anna Cladakis After Australian Blowup

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterNovember 10, 2011

John Daly went John Daly at the Australian Open on Thursday. After blowing up at the 11th, he stormed off with girlfriend Anna Cladakis and may have kissed his Australian career goodbye. 

John Daly had problems with the drink on Thursday. That is only funny when you consider how many beers and cocktails this guy has crushed in his life. 

The drink is the pond off of the 11th at the Australian Open. USA Today reports Daly had a day similar to what I experience each and every time I pick up the clubs and head to the municipal. 

Daly fired off one shot that fell into the water, and then another and another. Then he took his child and girlfriend, promotional director for Hooters Anna Cladakis, and stormed off the tournament. 

The move has officials irate over the lack of decorum showed, and they are prepared to ban him from any and all upcoming Australian PGA events. 

Daly was his usual playful self when he heard he may in fact be banned for his actions. He was quoted as saying a ban may be just what the doctor ordered. 

I love the fans here in Australia. They've been great. I've never played well here. Try too hard and it backfired. It might not be bad if they ban me … because I've never played well here. But I do love the people here and this beautiful country. I take responsibility for my actions. I always have and I don't blame anybody but myself.

I have to say, it is very hard to condemn Daly in this regard. Who hasn't shanked one or two-dozen balls and wanted to drive the golf cart into the lake because of it. 

The difference is Daly is a professional golfer that is paid to not only hit with acumen, but control his emotions like other stars on the tour. 

He has forever been labeled as the wild child on the tour, but that does not excuse his actions. It may be time for Australia to say adieu to Daly and his crazy antics. If they do decide to cut ties there is nothing that can be said to defend Daly. 

I would have to agree with the large golfer, perhaps a ban is the best thing after all. 

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