1. Tour Confidential: Can Jordan Spieth be stopped in 2016? https://t.co/ljfJyMDaps https://t.co/5LaKYrGrGr

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  6. Rod Pampling broke a record that was held by Jordan Spieth. https://t.co/p73ceHuInH https://t.co/lmWe1qDRGw

  7. His comeback falls just short. Adam Scott shoots 65, nearly wins 2nd #AustralianOpen title: https://t.co/Wxutc2PMEH https://t.co/rAHc4yf46V

  8. Watch Jordan Spieth hit the best "fat" 3-wood you'll ever see: https://t.co/dsoJb6o9a1 https://t.co/9UEghIjZ00

  9. Oh, so close… Jordan Spieth falls just short of defending #AustralianOpen title: https://t.co/PK8ADks1Y3 https://t.co/nNtyV7cDwp

  10. Matt Jones holds off Jordan Spieth and Adam Scott to win the Australian Open. https://t.co/IWBJsdXO77 https://t.co/hcAqlMh6pw

  11. It was a strong T2 finish for Spieth at the Aussie Open. And he still needs your vote. https://t.co/MbliQO2rwK https://t.co/M7mvBSyCzC

  12. “I got the job done” – ICYMI: Matt Jones edges Spieth, Scott for #AustralianOpen title: https://t.co/0VA1ssszYM https://t.co/7EUat23pRz

  13. Rory McIlroy won 2013 Aussie Open; followed with two majors the next year. Jordan Spieth won in 2014; same result. Good news for Matt Jones.

  14. 10 hot fairway woods and hybrids of 2015: https://t.co/jE5DV5tRXo https://t.co/QAAcBn7rP7

  15. In His Own Words: Adam Scott (-7) cards final round 65 at #AustralianOpen: https://t.co/sEGThfoOnz https://t.co/hsunJw4183

  16. Highlights from Down Under: Matt Jones holds off Spieth & Scott at 100th #AustralianOpen: https://t.co/GiJQ2PySZ0 https://t.co/FL4Egp1X4L

  17. Matt's the One: Jones edges Jordan Spieth & Adam Scott for #AustralianOpen title: https://t.co/juHSIfdxhX https://t.co/l3J9sszS8a

  18. Eagle Attempt Alert: Jordan Spieth on 18 at the #AustralianOpen trailing by 2.

  19. And they're headed to 18. Matt Jones (-8) leads Adam Scott (-7), Rod Pampling & Jordan Spieth (-6) at the #AustralianOpen.

  20. Adam Scott (-7) is your new clubhouse leader at the #AustralianOpen and tied with Matt Jones - Scores: https://t.co/fe7yEMkxXD

  21. Birdies for Matt Jones (-7) & Jordan Spieth (-6) on 14. Adam Scott & Rod Pampling also -6. #AustralianOpen Scores: https://t.co/fe7yEMkxXD

  22. WOW. Adam Scott, Jordan Spieth, Matt Jones & Rod Pampling are all tied for the lead at 6-under at the #AustralianOpen.

  23. SPIETH birdies No. 11. It's now a three-way dance at the #AustralianOpen (Rod Pampling, Matt Jones also -6) Scores: https://t.co/fe7yEMkxXD

  24. GAME ON. Matt Jones, Rod Pampling co-lead at 6-under. Jordan Spieth & Adam Scott 5-under. #AustralianOpen Scores: https://t.co/fe7yEMkxXD

  25. Matt Jones (-8) leads by 2 over Rod Pampling -6 (F), Jordan Spieth & Adam Scott (-5) - #AustralianOpen Scores: https://t.co/lqu5GQJTt3

  26. Update: Matt Jones (-7) leads by 2 over Jordan Spieth, Aron Price & Tighe Lincoln - #AustralianOpen Scores: https://t.co/lqu5GQJTt3

  27. Update: Matt Jones (-7) leads by 2 over Jordan Spieth, Aron Price & Tilghe Lincoln - #AustralianOpen Scores: https://t.co/lqu5GQJTt3

  28. The secret to how this PGA Tour pro is playing his best golf in his 40s: https://t.co/71Ky0yEBS8 https://t.co/2WhBNgRgiO

  29. Now on the Tee: Matt Jones & Jordan Spieth. Watch the #AustralianOpen now on Golf Channel & https://t.co/c9oJvwrjiS. https://t.co/vqiD1wBO0s

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  32. Rickie Fowler joins ESPN's College Gameday as guest picker for Oklahoma State: https://t.co/UoMgHU2Jl5 https://t.co/3I5J21jEYA

  33. "With a special round like Jordan had last year, anything can happen" - Adam Scott: https://t.co/d8AFkh3Rl6 https://t.co/bc3I3M09zq

  34. Rickie Fowler appeared on @CollegeGameDay and nearly got shot: https://t.co/irLGodOUtE https://t.co/bFeO16Qj5X

  35. Proud @OSUCowboyGolf alum Rickie Fowler made his picks on ESPN College GameDay: https://t.co/g5J1jMjVhR https://t.co/pgoCZ8YlEs

  36. Oh, man. Corso almost shot Rickie Fowler.

  37. Rickie Fowler says Urban Meyer is "a lot of fun to be around." Hmm...

  38. Rickie Fowler likes playing with a final-round lead. Must explain why he's going with so many favorites with his GameDay picks.

  39. Yep. That'll do. Jordan Spieth goes for back-to-back #AustralianOpen titles tonight at 8pm ET on Golf Channel. https://t.co/9do9bzVo7a