1. Quite possibly the best par in golf history. Fred Couples' hole-in-three at the 1999 PLAYERS Championship. https://t.co/PPmPPpKGaO

  2. Tiger took a $100 million hit after his divorce, but his net worth is still ABSURD: https://t.co/fOJqqzTJQa https://t.co/5TgTxAro2w

  3. 10 hot fairway woods and hybrids: https://t.co/By1tkY2AlP https://t.co/uxb0bJyYW5

  4. California's best golfer is a Stanford alum whose last name starts with "W." I's NOT Tiger: https://t.co/QFfFXJF7y8 https://t.co/twsTLH2mt2

  5. Jordan Spieth is just like us! Uses a pull cart in Australia: https://t.co/r1byHxucHQ https://t.co/Fh4UE0NlQ6

  6. Raise the Bar: After a record-setting year, Jordan Spieth wants to play even better in 2016: https://t.co/DAfEMKByJt https://t.co/BsQxIz7lvI

  7. One Jordan Spieth is good. 60 Jordan Spieths is better: https://t.co/jnfCcghXNg https://t.co/d8jxiDCs8q

  8. Watch Jordan Spieth give lessons to kids dressed up like him at the Australian Open: https://t.co/xW0norQdIL https://t.co/DQLZX5wk4V

  9. How in the world did this woman think this guy was Tiger Woods?! https://t.co/Do0A6PyFmJ https://t.co/D2CRfNBd0S

  10. A PING app for the Apple Watch can now track fitness data, swing tempo & course statistics. https://t.co/fwHE84oV76 https://t.co/yKlaXaHwxc

  11. Clubs. ✔️ Balls. ✔️ These socks. ✔️ A little bit of everything in our Equipment Gift Guide. https://t.co/45WqtqyWAO https://t.co/IBX2DjlbFg

  12. What we'll remember about 2015 ... This guy, for starters. https://t.co/PmVCDuY8T0 https://t.co/DGLYPR83gT

  13. The secret to how this PGA Tour pro is playing his best golf in his 40s: https://t.co/93GG29MgZI https://t.co/gXrIG42S5K

  14. Jordan Spieth made an early trip Down Under to prep for his #AustralianOpen title defense: https://t.co/Xfp2gkmumJ https://t.co/H40dZkSs5x

  15. Tiger Factor: What's driving golf's youth movement? https://t.co/Q9EpX2iPGE

  16. Rumor circulating that PGA Tour is prohibiting players from all DFS contests. Not true. Only those related to golf. https://t.co/mRnmhkdjHH

  17. Back Down Under, Jordan Spieth reflects on the win that pretty much started it all: https://t.co/Wvw3CNWYOG https://t.co/GOYgHRDne6

  18. Adam Scott might not be excited for #Rio2016, but Jordan Spieth is: https://t.co/OCOmp31sZM https://t.co/lZAN8r0eh1

  19. Why we should all appreciate the career risk Kevin Kisner took for his first PGA Tour win: https://t.co/yZQCjYOXQi https://t.co/lduwOPmzQE

  20. Jordan, Jason and Rory are bunched at the top of the latest World Ranking — far ahead of the rest of the pack: https://t.co/iUqeeMgrMm

  21. How Kevin Kisner risked his entire career to grab his first PGA Tour win: https://t.co/K0scyoBhN0 https://t.co/qi0mzP5kUm

  22. Grip it and rip it. See what clubs McIlroy and Kisner had in their bags over the weekend: https://t.co/PB2gQOA7eO https://t.co/76gX8lMVHs

  23. This week, Spieth defends his Australian Open title and Fox airs its documentary on him: https://t.co/iiOIP5rsEz https://t.co/EIoxk18SlK

  24. This week's Heroes and Zeros, featuring Lydia Ko, Rory McIlroy and more: https://t.co/cP1DYMwgZx https://t.co/0s67ov2STw

  25. “The best way to finish” – Rory McIlroy’s big win highlights our Quotes of the Week: https://t.co/ZMXOVQOtDL https://t.co/dFKmAQfeHJ

  26. Somebody played a prank on Zach Johnson.  Matt Kuchar? "I'm innocent." Judge for yourself in Trending on TOUR ... https://t.co/eKBYI7Plmw

  27. Kevin Kisner grabbed his first PGA Tour win with no help from his mother: https://t.co/IYrA20rIEh https://t.co/jpeLp73JEv

  28. Winner, winner! Rory makes a statement, Kisner knocks down the door and more: https://t.co/jXmc4qM3mi https://t.co/LbHZTM4OIr

  29. This bunker shot was good to the very last drop. That and a near ace in Shots of the Week ... https://t.co/yhk8xU9vsq

  30. Tiger says his goal is to be a playing captain at the Ryder Cup, but is this really a sign of his slowing down? https://t.co/qNZBBQro5j

  31. Rory Glory: @mcginleygolf reflects on an important psychological win for McIlroy in Dubai https://t.co/TnB3AAIszo https://t.co/u8vpybEbCS

  32. Kevin Kisner owns a PGA TOUR win ... And the season's longest streak without a three-putt. https://t.co/5hy32xpmz1 https://t.co/K4XZyDjGZO

  33. Rory rocks, whiffle ball and winged feet. The week in Instagrams: https://t.co/5lX7Npn2jg https://t.co/pDUWfKqRvE

  34. It's not exaggerating to say Kevin Kisner risked his career to grab his first PGA Tour win: https://t.co/coW1oRnzDR https://t.co/6EsyWp26ps

  35. Summary of the World Rankings: 1. Jordan Spieth 2. Jason Day 3. Rory McIlroy . . . . . . Everyone else: https://t.co/TfN1bifL6n

  36. Bubba Watson spent some time in PING's putting lab last week. More on his experiment ... https://t.co/Ya4GYJ9fKx https://t.co/XuyghupWqn

  37. Major expectations? What can we expect from world No. 3 Rory McIlroy in 2016? https://t.co/n4h42sgICH https://t.co/RIPSeZ2kdP

  38. Par-4 Birdie or Better % @TheRSMClassic ... Field Average: 14.9% Kevin Kisner: 34.8%  https://t.co/XUTsadE0dx

  39. Rory vows no more mid-season soccer, that 'next 10, 15 years is my time.' – https://t.co/DKW8hvwaZP https://t.co/JI2zqkB1Jz