Joe Paterno Fired: 5 Questions He Needs to Answer

Tom PerryCorrespondent INovember 9, 2011

Joe Paterno Fired: 5 Questions He Needs to Answer

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    Joe Paterno wants to speak.

    When his weekly press conference was canceled Tuesday, it was clear Paterno wasn't pleased and wanted to get his chance to answer questions about the Jerry Sandusky sex scandal.

    However, consistent with Paterno's history, he would likely want to control the conversation as much as possible.

    So what if Paterno were to grant an interview where no questions were off limits? What are the five questions he needs to answer?

    He may never do that interview, but don't be shocked if Paterno does an interview by Friday and no later than the end of the calendar year.

When Did You First Suspect Jerry Sandusky Might Have a Problem?

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    Joe Paterno has known Jerry Sandusky for more than three decades, and they were very close friends.

    So it would seem natural to assume that, at some point, Paterno would have heard or seen something that just didn't seem right.

    At least one former player, O.J. McDuffie, said yesterday that he had heard some disturbing rumors about Sandusky.

What Would You Say to the Families?

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    Jerry Sandusky is not guilty of anything right now, but Joe Paterno has a long history of being a very caring person.

    If he had the chance to encounter the individuals who have been allegedly harmed by Sandusky, you have to think Paterno would be a compassionate figure.

Why Did You Allow Jerry Sandusky to Maintain Access at Penn State?

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    Penn State made a ton of mistakes when it comes to how it handled any investigations involving Jerry Sandusky.

    But considering the information the PSU administration had about him, it's amazing to believe it allowed Sandusky such unfettered access to campus.

What Did Mike McQueary Tell You He Saw?

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    Joe Paterno has said he didn't feel what Mike McQueary told him was as descriptive as what McQueary told the grand jury.

    According to CNN Wednesday night, there are others who say McQueary gave graphic details of what he saw.

    So why does Paterno think he wasn't given enough information from McQueary to do more?

Why Didn't You Call the Police?

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    Joe Paterno had enough information about his former defensive coordinator, especially after former graduate assistant Mike McQueary came to him with the shocking revelation, to do something that almost anyone else would have...go to the police.

    As we have learned, Paterno lived up to his legal obligations by informing his superior, but he's the most influential person at Penn State.

    If he had just made a call to any legal authorities, Paterno may have saved numerous children from allegedly being attacked by Jerry Sandusky.

    It's still hard to fathom that Paterno didn't pick up the phone and make one simple call.