WWE: The Women's Championship Should Be Brought Back to SmackDown

Kevin Berge@TheBerge_Featured ColumnistNovember 10, 2011

Sometimes, when you are faced with a problem, you simply have to take the time to deal with it.

One problem in the WWE today is that the Diva's division simply is not working. No one is giving the competitors in that ring the credit they fight to achieve.

I have a solution to the problem, and it starts with one change: bringing back the Women's Championship.

Now, listen first, as I am not just saying swap out the Diva's Title for the Women's Title, as that would not make any real change in the division (though, it would be an improvement to their image). I am saying they should completely add a second title.

Many may say right away, "Why would you add a second title to a division that is barely interesting as it is?" Well, first, there are 12 active women wrestlers in the WWE. Other than the occasional pop up in a costume contest battle royal, barely half of them are even seen on a regular basis.

In fact, until Alicia Fox magically appeared, it was basically a four-woman division. That is not fair to some of the stars that are wasting away in the back.

Sure, Rosa cannot wrestle, and Kaitlyn is more green than Mason Ryan on his first day in WWE. That doesn't mean that stars like AJ and Tamina deserve to play the invisible role. In fact, with some real screen time, Kaitlyn at least could probably develop into a decent wrestler.

Now, I am not saying that a division of 12 divas is worthy of two titles right off the bat, but I think that bringing back the Women's Title will do something even bigger for the division. It will force WWE to start signing real talent.

Over the last year, we have seen Gail Kim, Melina and now Maryse leave. The only woman yet to debut, Kharma, is gone for another few months.

Luckily, Layla should shortly be returning with a rumored comeback by Michelle McCool or even Lita. With three, possibly four big returns on the horizon, that should be room enough for another belt, but I'm talking even wider.

With a second belt forcing WWE to work with both individual rosters of Divas, we could hopefully see huge signings of stars like Sara Del Rey, or see the WWE bring back Serena. We could also see the debuts of young stars already signed including Naomi and Shaul Guerrero.

The point here is that WWE needs to add excitement back to a waning women's division, and what better way is there to make things better than to bring back probably the most illustrious women's title belt of all time?

If SmackDown had a title of its own, every women wrestler on the roster would have a chance to succeed. Sure, there could still be crossovers with Beth Phoenix and Natalya (who could perhaps be SmackDown's first Women's Champion after the inception of the belt), but the point is to give each women's division an identity.

By bringing back the Women's title to SmackDown, we will have a truly prestigious belt in the fray and two separate rosters that will actually matter.

But that's my two cents.

How about you? What do you think?

Thanks for reading!