WWE Divas: Lita Considering a Return to Wrestling?

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WWE Divas: Lita Considering a Return to Wrestling?
Lita, is a return in her future?

Amy "Lita" Dumas has had a weird couple of days. First of all, she's been plunged into a current on-going Twitter scandal with CM Punk and Beth Phoenix.

Yes, someone (who presumably has a lot of time on their hands) noticed that right after Punk appeared on Dumas' Atlanta-based radio show Punkrockalypse earlier in the week, the WWE Divas Champion had de-followed them both on Twitter. It has now become a major news story due to all the frenzied online speculation about what it all means. 

Hey, it was a slow news day. Although, assuming there is something to the rumors, I have to congratulate Beth for de-following Punk as soon as she dumped his ass—now that's a 21st century break up.

But enough of the daft, melodramatic, romantic entanglements with unlikable people that make little or no sense (that's what the current season of NXT is for).

Scandals aside, there have been some hints lately that Amy Dumas may be gearing up for a return to WWE. 

Dumas left the promotion in late 2006 (around the exact same time her frequent rival Trish Stratus did), citing burnout and a wish to pursue other opportunities, notably with her punk band The Luchagors. She has since made sporadic appearances at various reunion shows and showed up on the Pee Wee Herman-hosted edition of Raw in 2009 (Dumas has been a huge fan of his since childhood.)

She was also backstage at last week's Raw in Atlanta, Georgia and noted on her Twitter that she had greatly enjoyed herself backstage and had a workout with current diva Eve, who she saw a lot of potential in. Additionally, in a story Diva-Dirt picked up, long-suffering commentator Jim Ross (who was also backstage at Raw, despite what Michael Cole claimed on the show) wrote on his blog about how he felt Lita could "help" WWE's struggling women's division:

Good seeing Amy Dumas in Atlanta. She’s staying busy but was smart w/ her money and owns property in Atlanta and Nicaguara. Still looks great and has a wonderful spirit. A true pleasure to be around.

‘Lita’ likely can help the biz in many ways including, perhaps, a short term run as Lita but could certainly help greatly in WWE developmental.

Interestingly, Dumas retweeted Diva-Dirt's story about this on her Twitter, suggesting that she is perhaps more open to the idea of returning to WWE one day soon. 

Certainly, WWE's stale diva's division could use an established star like her.

It is also possible that the once hugely popular and beloved Dumas is still unhappy that she left WWE as a hated and despised heel (after the real life scandal with Matt Hardy and Edge forced WWE to turn her) and wants to try and be a babyface again. Perhaps she feels another run with WWE would give her the chance to retire on her terms. 

And there's no doubt in my mind, if she were to return, she could get over huge. Let's face it: Standing in the middle of the ring and yelling into the microphone, "I dumped Matt Hardy!" would probably get her a very, very large pop, considering what most fans think of Mr. Hardy these days. 

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