Penn State Scandal: 5 Reasons Why Paterno Deserved To Get Fired

Andre Khatchaturian@AndreKhatchCorrespondent IIINovember 10, 2011

Penn State Scandal: 5 Reasons Why Paterno Deserved To Get Fired

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    Last night, a large amount of Penn State students gathered in front of the administration building to peacefully protest so that Joe Paterno would keep his job. Paterno since said that he would retire at the end of the season. That wasn't enough to save him though, as the university fired him later tonight.

    Most people thought that Paterno's inability to tell the police about Jerry Sandusky's disgusting actions and the fact that Sandusky was allowed on campus up until last week was absolutely inexcusable and that he should've resigned immediately.

    Here are five reasons why those supporters protesting are dead wrong. Paterno's actions, or lack thereof, are absolutely inexcusable, and he deserves to walk away with shame. Penn State made the correct and moral decision in letting him go. 

Paterno's Choice of Friends

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    Supposedly, Joe Paterno knew about Jerry Sandusky's disturbing actions since 2002. Isn't it kind of weird that despite this he maintained his friendship with him? Why would anyone want to be friends with a guy like Sandusky?

    I know for a fact that if I found out that one of my closest friends had committed such a heinous crime, I would disassociate myself with him immediately. It makes no sense to surround yourself with unethical and deranged people like Sandusky.

    It says a lot about Paterno. Loyalty to a friend should never come in front of child sexual assault. It's despicable and the students protesting for him don't seem to understand this. 

Severity of the Cover-Up

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    Just how severe was the cover-up? 

    Extremely severe. 

    It's unbelievable how someone can not grasp morality and report an atrocity such as this. Multiple children were raped and he shoved it under the rug as if it was nothing. 

    This isn't Jim Tressel covering up Terrelle Pryor's tattoo scandal. This isn't Pete Carroll not knowing whether Reggie Bush received illegal benefits. Those scandals are infinitesimal compared to this and both coaches left the program because of it. 

    Paterno lied as a moral citizen. Reporting this to the athletic director was simply not enough. He protected the brand name over a child's life. He received praise for reporting the situation to the athletic director. 

    Why? What did they do? They simply just told Sandusky to not bring any children to the school's facilities. This didn't prevent him from sexually abusing more children outside of campus.

    Paterno needed to report this to police authorities. Simple as that. If anyone sees a heinous crime such as rape or murder occurring, the proper action is to report it. It's not hard. It's common sense. 

Paterno's Feeling of Entitlement After Scandal

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    Who does he think he is?

    Paterno deciding his own fate is an example of how he thinks he's such an important person on campus. What right does he have in deciding his own fate? He obviously wasn't going to step down himself. He is viewed as a deity at Penn State. 

    I know for a fact that if I witnessed an incident like this at my work place and didn't report to authorities, I would most likely lose my job. I wouldn't be able to go and tell my boss, "Let me finish this month and then I'll go."

    It looked like Paterno was playing the "old age" card. He was probably rationalizing his decision by thinking to himself, "Let me have my last hoorah. I'm 84 anyway, and it's a great time to leave now that this scandal has fallen on my head." 

    Doesn't that remind anyone of Sammy Sosa, Mark McGwire and Rafael Palmeiro? Once they got caught, they bailed from the sport and disappeared. They became recluses. 

    It certainly feels a lot better knowing that Paterno was let go and didn't leave on his terms. 

NCAA Won't Do Anything

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    As sad as it is, Paterno holding in knowledge about Sandusky's despicable crime in the Penn State locker room shower is not an NCAA violation. However, if he knew about Sandusky buying some of the athletes on the team a few sweatshirts and watches, then the Penn State program would be in huge trouble.

    Where is the rationale in that?

    That's right. There isn't any.

    USC faces sanctions because Reggie Bush bought his mother a house and car. Nothing will happen to Penn State. They won't lose scholarships or bowl game appearances. 

    It's great that Sandusky will probably sit in prison. However, it just makes sense that if the NCAA isn't going to punish Paterno or Penn State, then Paterno at least must be dismissed from his duties. 

    Penn State fans and students are still protesting? They should be happy that their program isn't going to go through the hell USC went through. 

Child Sex Abuse Is Not to Be Taken Lightly

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    As mentioned before, this isn't something like the Reggie Bush scandal. 

    This is serious. Child sex abuse can haunt children for the rest of their lives. The children that Sandusky sodomized will most likely have a difficult time leading normal lives.

    This excerpt from The Herd with Colin Cowherd on ESPN Radio exemplifies that notion. A caller phones in the show and shares his horrid experience, how it has haunted him and how Paterno's supporters just don't get it.

    Cowherd, on the other hand, gets so emotional that he cuts to break immediately. 

    This is truly a compelling moment in radio.