WWE Rumor: Sin Cara to Gain New Tag Team Partner to Face Epico and Hunico

Kevin BergeFeatured ColumnistNovember 8, 2011

According to reports by FW4online (h/t Wrestle Zone), there is a growing idea in WWE about bringing in one more masked wrestler.

In order to combat the tag team of Epico and Hunico, WWE is rumored to be considered officially putting Mexican star Averno on TV alongside Sin Cara.

There had been many reports stating that Averno was going to be signed to a contract and help Sin Cara better acclimate to the WWE wrestling environment; however, those reports had gone silent for months.

Many are still not entirely sure if Averno ever signed a contract with the company or is going to.

Now talk of Averno is finally flaring up again. Averno is apparently a serious option at this point to be signed soon.

I know a lot of people have been apathetic about Sin Cara and his development in WWE, but I personally am still a supporter for him. If bringing in Averno will help make this feud solid and help Sin Cara become a star, I am all for it.

Averno is a great star who has been a long-time rival of Sin Cara, which makes them two stars who know each other well. During Averno's time in CMLL (the major Mexican pro wrestling organization), he would win almost every major title including taking the NWA World Middleweight Title off of Mistico (Sin Cara). These two have a long history and a lot of CMLL gold to their names.

In fact, Sin Cara was apparently a driving force in WWE looking into Averno in the first place.

The main question is how easily and quickly Averno can get used to the WWE style as he would be passing up development just as Sin Cara.

If the two can use the situation to both get used to wrestling in WWE, then I think this is a great idea.

If nothing else, after the Epico/Hunico feud is over, we will either have two new tag teams or a possible cool feud between Sin Cara and Averno.

Those are my thoughts on the idea.

How about you?


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