Bengals Are the Icing on My Redskin Cake!

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Bengals Are the Icing on My Redskin Cake!

We're down 17 to 10 and we are at the one heading into the endzone, the unbelievable RED ZONE! Down by seven we can tie this game in the third quarter.

Second-and-1, hand-off to Sellers...BOOM...Touchdown!!!!  Oh, wait, it's ruled not a touchdown by virtue of replay...the Bain of us old schoolers. 

It's ok though third-and-1, can-do time.  Same play, hand-off to Sellers...BANG...stopped, legs continue pushing against the insurmountable wall...lunge forward...BALL'S LOSE.....ARRRGHHH....NO!!! Recovered by the defense, Mays the one that causes the fumble.

This nightmare of a play is how the Redskins have been playing lately.  What is wrong with, what many a sports expert once called one of the best teams in the NFL this season, the Redskins? 

What?  Why?  How? 

We have many a great star on our roster.  Players like Jason Taylor, Santana Moss, Clinton Portis, whom many had as MVPs at the beginning of the season.

What happened over the past few weeks?  Many argue that the O-Line is at fault.  They played well up until three games ago.  Today they played well not allowing Campbell to be manhandled. 

Many argue it's the wide receivers. In recent games they have not beaten the defensive backs and have dropped balls.

Some argue that the running backs are at fault.  Portis has been complaining about not getting the ball enough, thus disrespecting his head coach.  Calling him a genius...sarcastically. 

Still may of us argue that the problem is with the quarterback, Jason Campbell.  He is not quick enough on his reads and progressions.  Although he has a strong arm, he is not accurate and very tentative. 

Some argue it's the defense...they do not get sacks and pressure the opposing quarterbacks.  The defensive backs get burned on the big plays down the field.  

Some argue it's the special teams in that they call too many fair catches and not return any kicks. 

Then many argue that the fault lays with the coaching and playcalling.  Our head coach calls the wrong plays at the wrong times as evident by my first paragraph. 

Everyone agrees that the owner should have a lot of the blame in that he pays out big dollars for big name busts of various players.  In my opinion, all of these are factors into why we are losing lately. 

First and foremost, there is no leadership amongst the players, coaches and management.  The ones in the leadership roles are poor examples of leaders.  There is no emotion amongst players in the game.  There is no FIRE...Period! 

Right now our playoff hopes are pretty much over and we should be letting our rookies get some play time experiences so that when they play in the future they are not blindsided.  Over the next few days and weeks there will be plenty of suggestions, arm chair/Monday morning quarterbacking to go around but for right feels like my best friend is dying of CANCER!

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