LeBron James: 10 Post Moves We Would Love To See the Miami Heat Star Use

Adam DavisCorrespondent INovember 8, 2011

LeBron James: 10 Post Moves We Would Love To See the Miami Heat Star Use

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    LeBron James is a very talented basketball player, but there are still a number of ways he can improve on his game. 

    He can dunk with authority and pull up for a sweet jumper, but James could use some work on his post game. In fact, LeBron reached out to one of the kings of the low post, Hakeem Olajuwon, for some help in this regard.

    With so many players dominating the low post over the years there are several different moves that LeBron could incorporate into his game and make himself that much more of a force in the paint. 

    Here are the moves that King James should work on before the next NBA season that could really help improve his post game. 

The Pau

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    Pau Gasol is one of the best big men in the league right now, and one of the best big men to come out of Europe in a long time. 

    His signature move in the low post is as simple and effective as a player could hope for and he either scores or gets fouled (or both) almost every time. 

    If LeBron could slow his game down and settle into the low post, and then burn his defender the way that Pau does, he could score a lot more while racking up free throws. 

The Dream Shake

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    Hakeem Olajuwon was one of the best players ever in the low post and his little shake/spin/pivot is one of the most deadly offensive weapons he ever had in his arsenal. 

    What made this move that much better was Hakeem's ability to dunk, hook, lay up or fade after the shake and defenders never knew where he was going to end up. 

    LeBron would be wise to learn this move as best he can. 

The Shaq Seal and Spin

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    Shaq is a big, big man. He had the ability to dominate almost anyone he played against and when he was younger and more limber he could really pull off a flurry of post moves.

    Shaq used to have his defender play up on him and then with a quick lean he would spin off and dunk with authority. So simple and so effective, especially considering there was never any doubt of Shaq's ability to finish once he got past his man. 

The Garnett Pivot and Fade

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    KG is an electrifying player who can throw down a huge slam or pull off an amazing finesse play like this one.

    Garnett's signature post move is extremely effective because of his size and shooting skill and it has been his bread and butter for a long time. 

    LeBron isn't as tall as KG but he can definitely jump higher and could make this one of his top moves. 

The Kareem Skyhook

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    Kareem's skyhook is unblockable. There is no other way to put it. 

    If LeBron could pull this off even in a limited way he would add an amazing new aspect to his game that hasn't been in the NBA for a long time. Imagine another way that LeBron could essentially score at will. The thought is scary. 

The Dirk One Foot Fade

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    Dirk's signature move is something that LeBron knows all too well. Dirk burned the Heat with this fade countless times in the finals and it is one of the hardest moves to defend in the league. 

    Once again LeBron is shorter than the move's owner, but he does have tremendous jumping ability that he could incorporate into this one-footed fadeaway. 

    LeBron already loves to shoot, why not put him in the post and have him fade over his defender just like Dirk? I love it. 

The Duncan Bankshot

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    As proven by Adam Sandler, Duncan's bankshot is not only classic but also effective. Duncan has scored a huge percentage of his points using the backboard off a jumper and will continue to do so until the day he retires.

    LeBron is all about big shots, so why not let him slow it down a bit, head fake a drive down the baseline and face up for a bank shot? Defenders wouldn't even see it coming. 

The McHale Up and Under

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    McHale was one of the best players on an amazing team, and his post moves really helped him shine. He could fake out defenders with this move and score almost at will. 

    If LeBron finds himself in the low post, he usually opts for a fade or dunk, but using McHale's up and under will allow him to get easy lay ups that the defense isn't expecting. Would you be thinking that LeBron will try to lay it in if you were covering him? Didn't think so. 

The Dr. J Baseline Scoop

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    Dr. J was a tremendous athlete who always served up incredible dunks. His signature move not only allowed him to score in an amazing way, it also led him away from defenders.

    With this move, LeBron could show off his athleticism and prove that he can rip apart defenses as well as anyone else. I'd love to see him soar through the air under the bucket instead of just in front of it. 

The Dwight Dominance

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    Dwight is arguably the most physically dominant player in the league right now. He doesn't necessarily have a signature move in the low post, unless you considering "doing whatever it takes to score" as one move. 

    Dwight works his way through defenders and uses all his immense strength to reach the hoop. What's more important for LeBron to pick up on is how Dwight plays like this on both sides of the floor. 

    He blocks almost as intensely as he dunks. He defends with the same force as he pivots in the lane. 

    LeBron needs to add some dominance to his game and emulating Dwight is a good place to start in that regard.