Arizona Cardinals Can't Pass Their Way to the Super Bowl

SG GriffinCorrespondent IDecember 14, 2008

Can potential MVP candidate Kurt Warner and his corps of receivers take one of the most maligned franchises in NFL history and turn them into serious contenders?  Arizona has made it this far largely due to the NFC West being delightfully inept this season. 
Warner has the ring and the experience to lead this otherwise inexperienced, yet talented group to the promised land. But the question remains, can they win east of the river for which Arizona's Quarterback and the team called home for so many years? 

Everyone knows Arizona can throw the ball, but in freezing cold weather or snowy/icy conditions the question remains: Can they rely on their running game?  Edge is disgruntled and past his prime.  Rookie Tim Hightower out of 1-AA University of Richmond has been a tremendous surprise, but can he carry the load if needed?
With all that being said, this season must be looked upon as nothing short of a success for the franchise and for Warner.  The Greater Phoenix area has been champing at the bit for this team to show some heart. 

They are certainly showing some heart, but if they have to go into the Meadowlands or Foxboro, heart just isn't enough as we saw from the recent pummeling the Eagles put on them. 

Sure, Warner had three TDs, but also three INTs.  When the secondary can sit back and wait for pass after pass and not have to worry about a running game, Arizona won't have much of a chance. 
They had some good home wins against Miami, Buffalo, Dallas, and they gave the Giants a good game, however I fully expect the next two games to tell us what Arizona is made of. 

There is no doubt things may be different if they weren't in the NFC Worst (West), so we shall see how they do against the Vikings at home. Then the true test will come at New England before finishing the season out against another NFC West doormat, Seattle.
I would like to see Warner win the MVP and Arizona win a playoff game or two, but without a rushing game...I wouldn't expect any different results from the last time they played teams such as the Redskins, Jets, and Eagles.