Terrell Owens, Jason Witten and Tony Romo: An IM Conversation

Chad HensleyCorrespondent IDecember 14, 2008

Things went over the top Friday evening, as the Dallas Cowboys' Terrell Owens and Jason Witten had a verbal altercation. 

Ed "Weasel" Werder reported that T.O. was jealous of the secret meeting earlier in the week.

Apparently T.O. read the exclusive transcript of Tony Romo's and Jason Witten's secret meeting on the Bleacher Report

The little birdy that talks to the fly on the wall at Valley Ranch reports that things got even more interesting once the players went home and signed onto their Instant Messengers.

Here is the full IM conversation.

JDubz82: hey man...i just wanted to say i am sry about today...i really just want us to be friends...

MEMEME81: whatev...

JDubz82: look...i just wanted to go over that passing route with u...why did u get so bitter?

MEMEME81: whatev fat boy...i read what u and tony said in your secret meeting

JDubz82: ohhhhh...so that's why u been acting like a little girl...dude we were just playin

MEMEME81: yeah well me and the other guys had our own special meeting

JDubz82: cool

MEMEME81: well it was really secret, and a lot better than urs

JDubz82: cool

MEMEME81: ...so...

JDubz82: um...well hey tony just got on, u want me to add him to the chat so we can go over those routes?

MEMEME81: huh? tony isn't on

JDubz82: uh yeah he is...

MEMEME81: WHAT!?!? he must have me blocked

JDubz82: ohhh...he's been busy so i think he was blocking everyone...

iHeartJS4eva: sup fellas?

MEMEME81: hey dillhole, why'd u block me?

iHeartJS4eva: sry man just been busy this week...the woman has been hounding me about "together time" since we aren't doing cabo this year

MEMEME81: maybe we'd be doin cabo if you f'n throw me the ball!

JDubz82: ummm...i gtg rub some dirt on my broken ribs...ttyl

<JDubz82 has signed off>

MEMEME81: alright Romo, it's just me and u

Auto-Response from iHeartJS4eva:  Out with da ball-n-chain...hit me up on the celly...


Auto-Response from iHeartJS4eva:  Out with da ball-n-chain...hit me up on the celly...