2011 MLB Free Agency: 5 Reasons the Marlins Make Sense for Jose Reyes

Jack ButlerContributor IIINovember 7, 2011

2011 MLB Free Agency: 5 Reasons the Marlins Make Sense for Jose Reyes

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    According to the Mike Francesa radio show in New York, the newly-termed Miami Marlins have offered a contract to Mets shortstop Jose Reyes.  

    Reyes is expected to meet with the team some time this week.

    To me, the Marlins have always been a long shot for the star's signature. I never really took them seriously, but the more I think about it, it might be a better fit than some realize.

    Yeah they were bad last year, but they're starting a new era. They have a new manager, a new stadium, a new logo and uniforms, all that jazz that leads to excitement. That might just be enough to persuade Reyes to take a shot with the Marlins.

    Here are 5 reasons that Jose Reyes may take his talents to South Beach.

5. The NL East

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    I don't really think the Phillies are serious contenders to land Reyes, so the Marlins will probably be the only other NL East team in the running.  

    He's gotten used to the pitching and the ballparks in that division, and a sense of familiarity might appeal to him.

    He's also become familiar with a bunch of the Marlins players, including Hanley Ramirez  The two of them have always been good friends, and Hanley has made it clear that he's willing to move to third base should Reyes join the club.

4. Culture

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    The Marlins are trying to change the culture of the team and make it synonymous to the city they play in.  

    They've certainly done that with their new logo.  I know it has received mixed reviews, but it definitely has a Miami vibe to it. The bright colors are exciting and flashy, just like the city of Miami.

    Reyes is an exciting and flashy player, and would generate a lot of attention from the people of that city.

    Ozzie Guillen is the new manager, meaning that even if Reyes doesn't sign, season-long fireworks are a genuine likelihood.  

    A Ramirez-Reyes left side of the infield would be quite a dynamic duo to compound the excitement the new manager will generate.

3. Music Career and Marketing

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    I really don't know how seriously Jose is about progressing his burgeoning music career, but going to Miami would certainly create opportunities for that.  

    You can listen for yourself. I think he'd be a hit with the people of Miami.  

    Miami would be a great place for him to market himself and expand his brand. Just ask LeBron James about that.  

2. A Long-Term Deal

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    Throughout this past season, the overwhelming consensus was that Reyes would be looking for a six- or seven-year contract.  

    Well a couple stints on the DL this past season, coupled with an alarming regularity on the injury list in the past, has doused that possbility.

    It's now looking like a five year deal might be the most likely result of his free agency.

    However, I can see the Marlins splurging and guaranteeing a few more years in order to entice him. Reyes would instantly make that team a contender and generate a buzz, and that's just what the Marlins want for the first year of their new era. They could build the team around him and Hanley.

    If the Marlins want to sign Jose Reyes, they're going to have to do something to blow him away.  I don't know if they can offer him more money per season than other teams in the running, but if they offer him six years guaranteed with an option for a seventh, that might get his attention.

1. Lifestyle

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    Obviously, money is a big factor in any free agent's decision on where to sign. Reyes will be looking to cash in, but I think the off the field stuff and the lifestyle of the city is going to influence his decision more than it would for other guys.  

    I can totally see Reyes wanting to spend the next five-seven years of his life in Miami. I could also see him living in Southern California and signing the Angels, or living in Northern California and signing with the Giants. Both of those cities make perfect sense for him, but so does Miami.  

    It may have seemed crazy a few months ago, but I think there's a decent shot that Jose Reyes is a Miami Marlin next season.