WWE Survivor Series: 4 Reasons Miz and R-Truth Will Beat the Rock and John Cena

Ray SteeleContributor IIINovember 8, 2011

WWE Survivor Series: 4 Reasons Miz and R-Truth Will Beat the Rock and John Cena

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    Despite a win over John Cena and Zack Ryder on last night's Raw, it is a foregone conclusion in some circles that The Miz and R-Truth will fall to Cena and The Rock at Survivor Series—even if the show ends with the Wrestlemania headliners beating the tar out of each other.  

    For once, however, it would be awesome—no pun intended—to see the WWE get creative and give Awesome Truth a victory, whether that be a dirty win or one in which Cena or Rock costs the other the match.  There are a number reasons why the dulcet tones of "You Suck" should be the closing theme of the next PPV.

    Here are four of them.

Miz and Truth Are Top Level Talent and Should Be Treated as Such

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    Whoever made the decision to pair these two gets the gold star for 2011, as the partnership has benefited both Superstars.  They went from good on the mic individually to fantastic on the mic and in the ring as a team.  The partnership will lead to them becoming better individual performers down the road. 

    One might argue that Miz and Truth are already at main-event level—Miz has already been in a Wrestlemania main event, and Truth has also been a PPV headliner.  But a win over two of the biggest Superstars of all time would cement their statuses in the upper echelon—as well as make up for the lackluster end to Raw Is Muppets.

"You Suck", "You Suck", and More "You Suck"

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    The debut of the Awesome Truth theme song was one of the few fall-out-of-my-chair-laughing moments of Raw over the past few months.  It would be even better if Truth would change the lyrics every so often, and a Survivor Series win over Cena and Rock should be lyrical gold. 

    That said, I'm starting to wonder if "You Suck" has been deemed too raunchy for Raw's TV-PG era, since the lyrics have been noticeably absent the last few weeks.

More Promo Ideas for the Rock

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    Many "fans" find it humorous to bury John Cena.  I am not his biggest fan, but Cena has been a hell of a performer over the last decade, and he does outstanding charity work outside the ring. 

    That said, The People's Champion will likely have the more entertaining promos leading up to Wrestlemania.  Certainly, they will be better than what aired on Raw Is Muppets last week.

    Who knows what Rock will say if Cena causes him to be pinned by Miz or Truth?

More Storylines Are Possible If Rock and Cena Lose

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    Let's say Rock and Cena win at Survivor Series.  What then? 

    The next night on Raw, will they say, "That was great, but you're still a piece of crap"? 

    If the "boring" chants don't start after something like that, one should start looking for evidence of free Kool-Aid handed out at the gate. 

    But if Rock and Cena lose, there are dozens...and DOZENS (Dude Love (TM)) of twists and turns the story could take before Rock shows up again (presumably at Royal Rumble—perhaps to cost Cena a victory?) and continues the run-up to Wrestlemania.