How Tim Tebow Can Lead the Denver Broncos to the Playoffs

Justine BrownCorrespondent IINovember 7, 2011

How Tim Tebow Can Lead the Denver Broncos to the Playoffs

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    The words Broncos and playoffs are not two that have been heard very often together this season.  With Denver getting off to a 1-4 start before switching to Tim Tebow as their starting quarterback, it seemed nearly guaranteed that the Broncos would not make the playoffs.

    Even with Tebow, the playoffs could still be a long shot, but with the young quarterback going 2-1 in his first three starts, entertaining the idea brings about interesting possibilities.

    Tebow has yet to do anything spectacular, but he has somehow managed to come up with a few wins.

    In order to fully salvage the season and pull off a playoff appearance, Tebow would have to do a few things.

Win at Least One More Conference Match Up, If Not Two

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    The AFC West is a total rat race with no team really being a standout. San Diego, Oakland and Kansas City are all sitting tied at 4-4.  

    Denver helped themselves out immensely on Sunday, defeating the Raiders and putting themselves right there in the chase, just below the other three, at 3-5.

    The Bronco's still have two games with Kansas City left and one with the Chargers.

    If the Broncos can pull of winning at least one of these games, and possibly two, they will put themselves in good position to make the playoffs.  

Get a Couple More Non-Conference Wins

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    The Broncos still have four non-conference games left, three of which are at home.  

    The Broncos' remaining non-conference games are against the Jets, Vikings, Bears, Patriots and Bills.  

    All four of these teams have proven that they are beatable this year, especially the Vikings.  

    If Tebow can pull of wins in two or three of these games, plus the one or two more conference wins, they will be in good position.

    The Chargers, Chiefs and Raiders all still have difficult non-conference schedules remaining with games against teams like the Packers and Lions

Continue to Improve and Find Ways to Win

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    Neither of Tebow's victories this season have been the prettiest of games, but somehow he found a way to win both of them.  

    Against Miami Tebow was 13-of-27 for 161 yards and had two touchdowns; he also rushed for 59.  

    Although those stats could be worse, Tebow was also sacked a number of times and threw many wild passes, but he found a way to win.

    The story was much the same against the Raiders, but once again the Broncos came out victorious.  

    Even if the way he does it isn't exactly pretty, Tebow brings a ton of energy to the table. This intangible seems to be giving him an edge in the wins he has accomplished.

    He has been no where near perfect, but he has shown improvement because, quite simply, he's a guy that wants to succeed.

Keep Playing Tebow Ball

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    Tebow's style of play is probably not the most favorable, not the prettiest and not the most conventional, but right now it's working for him.

    In Tebow's two wins, he has thrown for two touchdowns while throwing zero interceptions.

    But even more importantly, his runs have been miraculous in tight game situations.

    Lately, he has run a quarterback option play which is rarely seen but has proven to be effective.  

    The play, which the Broncos seemed to run to death on Sunday, stumped the Raiders multiple times and lead Tebow to 117 rushing yards, more than all of Oakland's running backs combined.

Continue to Manage the Intangibles

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    While the rest of the outside world tries to hate on Tebow and break him down, his teammates continue to embrace him.

    Tebow's will to win, accompanied with a positive attitude and good leadership skills, have made him a well liked guy amongst his peers.

    He may not be the best quarterback in the business, but his intangibles seem to help him get over the hump time and time again.