Rahim Moore Video: Broncos Rookie Forced out vs. Raiders After Collision

Alex KayCorrespondent INovember 6, 2011

Denver Broncos rookie safety Rahim Moore was knocked out of their game against the Oakland Raiders with a concussion on a play that looked very, very nasty.

As you can see in the video, Carson Palmer is lofting a pass to Denarius Moore as Andre Goodman is covering him. Moore rushes over to assist his teammate and crashes into Goodman as he dives to break up the play.

Rahim Moore awkwardly hit his head and immediately crumpled to the ground in a very unnatural-looking manner.

Goodman popped right up as did Denarius Moore, but Rahim Moore stayed on the ground and was attended to by a number of trainers.

The injury happened on the first play from scrimmage of the game and Moore was eventually carted off after the incident.

NFL rules and common sense dictate that Moore cannot return to the game after suffering such a brutal injury.

This is a terrible injury for the young man who was a second-round pick out of UCLA and was making his sixth start of the year for the Broncos.

He has been a key member to the team’s secondary this year, and although they haven’t been very good, getting that in-game experience is invaluable to a young player like Moore.

Concussions in the NFL are a very real problem and unfortunately plays like this cannot be prevented. Moore was not attempting to lead with his head to break up the pass or hit anyone; he was just a victim of unfortunate timing and the location of his teammate’s shoulder.

Hopefully, there is no lingering damage there and Moore can return to the lineup once he is cleared and fully read to contribute once again.

Let’s just hope this terrible Broncos team does not rush him back as they really do not have much to play for and his long-term health is much more important to the team.