Oakland Raiders: Carson Palmer, His Choice to Change Is His Claim to Fame

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Oakland Raiders: Carson Palmer, His Choice to Change Is His Claim to Fame
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Early this Sunday morning some commentators were discussing Carson Palmer and the controversy about how he handled his situation with the Bengals. Let's look at it differently.

It was in the stars for Palmer to stubbornly refuse to continue with the Bengals. His decision was visionary because, as strange as it seems, he became available to join the Oakland Raiders, starting midway the 2011 season.

No one predicted the injury to Jason Campbell. The twist to this is that Campbell's incident opened the door for the Oakland Raiders to get their hands on a Heisman winner. Palmer is 31 years old and some folks think he is too old to make a comeback as a powerful quarterback in the NFL.

I disagree.

Research indicates that a quarterback's lifespan in the NFL can last until he is 40 years old or older in some cases. Here are a few examples of men who matured as NFL quarterbacks.

Len Dawson played 19 seasons, 13 of which were with Kansas City. He played until he was 40 years old.

Doug Flutie played 12 seasons and he lasted until he was 43 years old.

Warren Moon played more than 36 games after age 40.

Vinny Testaverde played until he was 44 years old. He played 21 seasons.

Another quarterback with longevity is Brett Favre. Favre played for the Green Bay Packers and other teams. He, too, played NFL football to a mature age of 40.

Now back to Carson Palmer. We can assume that Palmer has about nine or more years to play in the NFL. If all goes well, and it should, Palmer can help the Oakland Raiders reclaim their glory in the NFL.

Palmer is a decision-maker and he appears to be tough. He will lead the team. Also, he is smart enough to adjust to the game plans and get the job done.

Let's get ready for some Raiders' football, in just a few more minutes, with Carson Palmer joining the Oakland Raiders and pushing full-throttle toward the end zone.

Source:  List of 40+ year old players from article by B/R writer, Gordon True

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