Should Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb Stay Or Should They Go Now?

Chris ReisContributor IDecember 12, 2008

What a season this has been so far for the Philadelphia Eagles.

They started off great against the Rams, dismantling that defense right from the get go and getting this season off to a quick start.

From there things started to get shaky.

They lost close games to the Cowboys, Giants, Bears, and were shocked by the Redskins, back when people thought they were all of a sudden a top dog in the NFC (look how that is ending up).

Then they won great games against the Steelers, Falcons, 49ers, and Seahawks.

Then there was that thing against the Bengals that happened, that I would rather not talk about right now, because yes, we all know what happened.

Next there was the game against the Ravens. The game that seemed to mark the end of the Donovan  McNabb era in Philadelphia, when Kevin Kolb was brought into the game in the second half. While a healthy McNabb was only down by a touchdown.

Everyone thought that was it for Mcnabb... but wait. Reid decided to go back to Mcnabb for the Thanksgiving prime time game, against a Cardinals team that was looking to clinch the NFC West.

And what did McNabb do when faced with adversity once again?

He shined.

Four touchdown passes, 27-39 passing, and the more important thing: no turnovers.

So with that big win, the Eagles moved ahead to 6-5-1 and had the light idea of playoffs still in their mind.

Next task for this team was the Giants, and once again, McNabb and the rest of his team showed everyone they still are for real, and can play that top notch football they were expected to be playing all year, winning the game 20-14.

Now the Eagles are at a 7-5-1 record and are a half game out of the last wild card spot, with losses by the Cowboys, Falcons, and Redskins this week.

But what about McNabb and Reid? What does all of this mean to the two guys who everyone wanted out of Philly just over two weeks ago, after the dismal loss to the Ravens?

These last three weeks will decide a lot for what will happen with these two guys, but either way I believe both should stay in Philadelphia. Not just because of the records, or stats these two have had over the past ten seasons, but because of what is available right now in the rest of the league.

First the quarterback position. Donovan McNabb, still is a top notch quarterback who holds the record for touchdown to interception ratio, and many Eagles franchise records. This season he has 10 interceptions, but take out the games against the Bengals and Ravens, where he threw five picks, and he is still in the single digits. Also McNabb has thrown 19 touchdowns, and for 3,221 yards, without a true number one receiver.

In the league right now there is really no one that could come right in and lead this Eagles team. People will say Matt Cassell, but with receivers like Randy Moss that can help you out, definitely makes you look like a good quarterback. Plus, if he goes on to lead that team to the playoffs he is going to want big money to be a starter somewhere while McNabb is still capable of performing just as well.

Drafting a quarterback right now in the first round would not be a bad idea, but keeping McNabb around for at least another two years to mentor the kid will make the transition a lot easier.

Kevin Kolb is not the answer, and never will be. Out of the run and gun offense in Houston, he is never going to perform at the top level of a NFL quarterback and showed that in a half of football against the Ravens, throwing three interceptions.

So, in the end there is nothing out there right now that the Eagles could do to improve this team, so keeping McNabb as the starting quarterback is the only smart option.

Now onto the head coaching position. Andy Reid has led the Eagles to winning seasons in every year but his first, and the year after the super bowl loss. He will go down as one of the most successful coaches in Philadelphia Eagles history, and possibly even the most successful.

Looking around the league what coaching positions are going to become available to the Eagles to replace Reid? None.

Bill Cowher is the only real coach who should even be considered to be given the head coaching spot, and he wouldn't take the Eagles job. He has a house down in the Carolina's and it seems he is quite comfortable with his countdown position for now.

Marty Mornhinweg obviously is not the answer at the head coaching spot. He had his shot as a head coach with the Lions in the '01 and '02 seasons, and if you only last two years as a head coach, you obviously are not cut out for the job, no matter what team your coaching for. He is a much better fit to stay at offensive coordinator. He has been a very successful coordinator with the Eagles, and the 49ers. The Eagles always have a solid offense if he is calling the plays. In '98 with the 49ers, he led them to become the first team since the Bears in '41 to lead the league in gross passing and rushing yards.

So going into the game this week people may be thinking, "If they lose this game, THATS IT! McNabb and Reid are outta here!!" But before thinking that, first think, "Who would replace these two guys if they were to leave this season?" and that will have you thinking for awhile because the answer to that question is no one.