UFC on FOX: 5 Fighters Who Could Join Jon Anik in the Broadcast Booth

Dwight Wakabayashi@WakafightermmaCorrespondent IINovember 4, 2011

UFC on FOX: 5 Fighters Who Could Join Jon Anik in the Broadcast Booth

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    The UFC announced last week that long-time host of ESPN's MMA Live show, Jon Anik will be the new commentator for a second team to cover the hectic schedule of UFC events in the future. With the UFC event schedule being more hectic as it has ever been, the new team will complement the current team of Mike Goldberg and Joe Rogan.

    Anik will need a partner in crime and speculation is rampant over who that person will be. Anik did say that UFC officials have told him that his partner will be a past or present fighter.

    Here are five fighters, current or former, that could join Anik in the booth.

Gina Carano

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    It is becoming very clear that Gina Carano is going to have a tough time making a long career inside the MMA cage as injury and inactivity have already plagued the popular star.

    I miss Carano's beaming smile around the sport and do any of us really want to see her up against the likes of Meisha Tate or Cristiane Santos again? The outcome could be too much for our eyes and hearts to take.

    Although Carano has proven a tad short inside the cage, she certainly has the knowledge and experience to analyze the fights properly and can also bring an articulate and pleasant demeanor to cageside while boosting the female demographic.

Frank Mir

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    Frank Mir was a color commentator for the World Extreme Cagefighting organization until it was purchased by the UFC in 2010. He is one current fighter who has experience as an analyst that the UFC might consider.

    It is debated that sometimes Mir talks too much when he is cageside but there is no doubt that he knows how to intelligently break down a fight and all that occurs in the cage.

    If Mir wants to be a more active fighter in 2012 and beyond that may be an issue, but a current UFC fighter could surely add behind-the-scenes insight that Joe Rogan can't.

Kenny Florian

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    Kenny Florian is another current UFC fighter who has experience in breaking down fights for television. He has said that he is not retired and is still going to compete in the Octagon, but how busy is the 35-year-old accomplished fighter going to be anymore?

    Florian is no stranger to the media or Anik as he is the co-host of MMA Live on ESPN and the two have worked on camera together before. Florian has proven a very articulate and exciting commentator to listen to, has a wealth of MMA experience and a very large fan following.

    I'm sure he would be the most popular choice for the fans.

Randy Couture

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    We know we have seen the last of "The Natural" inside the Octagon anymore, but we need to see more of Couture around the sport he serves so well. He has always been one of the faces and ambassadors for this sport and he should have some time on his hands when he is not on set acting.

    Couture has been a commentator for the UFC in the past and he has also been a co-host on The Fight Network. He has also now shifted into a small career in Hollywood and his mainstream crossover appeal is second to none.

    Imagine the treasure chest of "inside scoops" and "war stories" that Captain America could share for the entertainment of UFC fans everywhere.

Bas Rutten

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    It has been far too long and it is time for the beloved "El Guapo" to return to the UFC.

    The long-time MMA legend and current host of Inside MMA has called as many fights from cageside or ringside than anyone as he was the English commentator for The Pride FC organization for almost its entire existence.

    Rutten is charismatic, knowledgeable and likable like no other commentator out there and his following inside the sport is legendary. There has always been something missing in the UFC without Bas and this is the perfect opportunity to get this pioneer right back in the organization where he belongs. 

    Honorable mention: Stephan Bonnar, Rich Franklin, Forrest Griffin

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