Jason Campbell Vs. Colt Brennan: Vol. Three

Travis EvansCorrespondent IDecember 12, 2008

Jason Campbell has showed good plays, don't get me wrong; but every blind squirrel finds a nut once and a while. When he struggles, it is really bad, he may fumble in big time situations and looks slow and confused.

He doesn't have the leadership ability. When a player is on the wrong page, he need to grab them by the shirt and say, "You do this or you do that." When the players are not on the same page, he has to call a time out and or run the play and get a penalty.

Also, in the Florida-Alabama game, Tim Tebow, multiple times, ran to the defensive huddle and pumped them up. I gave never seen Jason with this intensity. Until he shows this, we won't see the team being taken seriously.

Jim Zorn was scared to penalize Clinton Portis. There for who will step up and command this team? Who will be the next Bill Parcels or Bill Cowher? Portis is the leader of the team and he showed that it isn't his fault it is Jason and Zorn's fault.

It is not Portis's job to command the troops; it's Zorn/Jason's job. So when will this happen I can't tell you but I hope it's this season.

Now, I can't say that a rookie can lead a team immediately, but he can bring that fire or the spark we need. He had emotion and energy in college. When Sean Taylor died; even though Colt was thousands of miles away, he showed respect for him and after a play, him and a few players had a sideline ceremony.

He also showed emotion and electric before home games doing the Hawaiian celebration with the team. He also has a competition with Todd Yoder and Chris Koolaid before games. Who can hit the crossbar the most.

I do think that Zorn can bring the heat, but he just is scared for his job. Will he turn this around? I don't think with Jason Campbell at the helm.

This is a excerpt from my last article.

Colt may have been in a pass happy offense; but June Jones (former head coach) left and went to SMU and they went an amazing 1-11. Four Hawaii QBs have seen action this year, none of which can get close to Brennan's success.

Then before all this, Brennan is considered widely THE best QB in the draft up to the "Sugar Bowl." Also suffered from a bad Senior Bowl, due to a ailing hip injury. The surgery also dropped his stock.

The Bulldogs claimed if they stop Brennan, they will win. Unfortunately, they were right. They brought heat every down and blitzed, blitzed, and blitzed. Colt took the beating of his life.

Now, many a Redskins fan have said it's the line's fault, Portis' fault, and the wideouts. The leading receiver in the game had a average game with 10 rec and 105 yards. Colt was sacked THE most of the season, eight times.

Hawaii also had a RB with only 26 yards to lead the team in rushing. So fellow 'Skins fans and sports casters, you support my argument Colt would be starting on a team, if it wasn't for the Bulldogs.

A quote from a ESPN writer after the game, "The Dawgs were able to get after Hawaii physically and relentlessly pressured Colt Brennan"- Jim Donnan.

The facts don't lie when he had no help he still won games. Now, I hope that people will be swayed by my articles, to give Colt a chance. If Jason can lead the team to three wins and a playoff push, I will be impressed.

For this to happen, he will have to throw for 750 yards plus and at least seven TDs. I doubt this will happen. If we continue to play at this level, we may be at the losing end of two of the games.

Colt Brennan equals a new start; we should have done this a long time ago. I look for a lot of change this offseason. We may see some good defenders go because of their injury prone bodies.

We may go into rebuilding the Redskins as we know them. If we go into this mode look for Brennan to bring change to DC. As we look forward to a new president, we should look to see Brennan starting this year, or next year.

I hope that the fans realize that when we don't have a quality QB in Washington we will never get past the first round. So put Brennan in and support me.