Sitting Brandon Jacobs Is the Right Move

NJMCorrespondent IIIDecember 12, 2008

When Tom Coughlin decided to sit Brandon Jacobs this weekend against the hated Dallas Cowboys, there were probably many fantasy owners who lost hope of advancing in the playoffs.

If the Giants wish to go far in the playoffs, however, it is best to sit Brandon Jacobs this weekend.

Without Jacobs, the Giants are still a better team than the Cowboys and should win. I understand that the Dallas defense has been more physical and effective since Wade Phillips took over the playcalling, but they were playing the Seahawks, 49ers, and Steelers. These three teams' offenses are not close to the caliber of the Giants.

And without the Meadowland winds, the passing game will be more productive. Their depleted secondary should make Eli Manning's job much easier. Bradshaw and Ward can still run the football. Though neither of them can run as well as Jacobs, the two of them should contribute positively for the Giants.

The Dallas offense played horribly against the Steelers. They were inept in every facet, except for Tashard Choice. Romo was not throwing the ball well and the recent Terrell Owens' problems will be a huge distraction for a team that has no leadership whatsoever. They did not have Marion Barber, but it is unsure if he is going to play on Sunday.

Even if he does play, toe injuries severely inhibit running backs. The injury will prevent Barber from planting his foot properly and getting the explosion he needs when running the football.

These factors make me believe the Giants will still win in Dallas.

It's more important that Jacobs is healthy against Carolina and for the playoffs. If the Giants beat Carolina, even if they lose to the Cowboys, they will clinch home-field advantage throughout the playoffs. This would force Panthers or Buccaneers to come to Giants Stadium. Both teams, especially Carolina, have shown ineptitude on the road.

Jacobs must be healthy for the playoffs. Without Jacobs, the Giants become a more beatable team.

In the cold, wind and snow, it is essential to run the football and there is no one better than Brandon Jacobs at wearing down a defense over the course of a game.

Giants fans, do not worry whether or not we lose Sunday, just look forward to the game against Carolina and the playoff run. Then you will see Coughlin made the right decision.