Can The Oakland Raiders' Al Davis "Get 'er Done?"

Mike SommersContributor IDecember 11, 2008

Ahhhhh, reality and the Raiders future. Such a mystical question is, "What will Al Davis do now?"

Well, one of the well known facts about the Raiders is that Al Davis hasn't relinquished total control EVER, and it is not likely that he will anytime soon.


Here are some facts that might MIGHT sway him to make some much needed and (what I feel) correct changes to this Raiders team that I and many others love.

1. Miami's hiring of Bill Parcells as a General Manager and giving him total control turned a pretty much talentless (nothing like the talent the Raiders have) 1-15 Miami team into a possible playoff team in ONE year. Which hopefully shows Al in black and white that a great general manager is vital. Solution—hire the right general manager (not Mr. Millen).

2. It seems within our coaching staff that we have no long-term contracts to adhere to and no great coach (or even average, though i do think Cable is a great line coach) in our midst. We are also looking to replace our defensive coordinator (contract is up this year), offensive coordinator (we pretty much fired Greg Knapp already) and head coach (Tom Cable was set to "Interim" from the get go and couldn't get it done).

So in my opinion, the team is primed and ready to make a complete coaching staff change (preferably by hiring the right head coach and letting him hire his own staff) and we sure could use a Bill Parcell-style of guidance and leadership at general manager.


A MASSIVE downside to any of those actions actually taking place is that Al Davis has proved more than once that he has little respect for coaches and their contracts (and sometimes opinions).

Sure you can argue one way or the other about that, but bottom line, getting the right leadership to this team in a head coach or general manager position will be tough. The recent history of Lane Kiffin and Mike Shanahan's contract issues are glaring.  

In conclusion, although the Oakland Raiders are a storied franchise with a rich history, and have a roster with some fantastic young talent, HOW WILL AL EVEN CONVINCE A QUALITY HEAD COACH AND/OR GENERAL MANAGER TO COMMIT TO THE SILVER AND BLACK?

Al Davis... this is your time to shine and get the right leadership in here. Your Raider faithful fans are counting on you so...GET 'ER DONE!

The San Clemente Kid