Chicago Bears: 7 Bold Predictions for Week 9 Game vs. the Philadelphia Eagles

Max Mickey@ToTheMax_WellContributor IIIOctober 31, 2011

Chicago Bears: 7 Bold Predictions for Week 9 Game vs. the Philadelphia Eagles

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    The Chicago Bears face perhaps one of the biggest games of the seasons this Monday night against the Philadelphia Eagles

    The Bears are 4-3, the Eagles are 3-4 and each team will be clawing to rise above a .500 record. 

    The Bears had a bye week to prepare for LeSean McCoy and co.—and yes it is McCoy's team, not Mike Vick's—and the Eagles are coming off a dominating performance over division rival, the Dallas Cowboys

    In recent weeks, the Bears have shown they can be as good as the 2010 Bears that made it to the NFC championship game.  Likewise, the Eagles have shown that their preseason tag of "the dream team" might not be that far off base.

    This game will have huge playoff implications, and will be an extremely exciting matchup.  

Jay Cutler Will Pass for 350 Yards

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    The Philadelphia Eagles have a fast defense, but they gamble, so Cutler will get yards. The Eagles give up the 10th highest passer rating in the NFL at 88.2, which is higher than Cutler's average of 84.0. 

    The Eagles are getting into a groove, so this game will most likely end up being a shootout. Both the Eagles and the Bears will be throwing all night. 

    I won't be surprised if there are close to 700 combined passing yards in this game. 

    Cutler has just two 300-yard passing game this season, against the Falcons and Packers, but he will show up huge in prime time and show America that he has the talent of a top 10 NFL quarterback. 

The Bears Offensive Line Will Only Allow 2 Sacks

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    The Bears offensive line is almost (statistically) not in the bottom third of the NFL. They have currently given up only 21 sacks this year which is "good" enough to be the 10th most sacks. 

    It is normally not an accomplishment to be the 10th worst in the NFL at anything, but for the Bears, this is a huge stride. 

    As a unit they have looked much better recently, and dare I say it, good? 

    While this offensive line is still not good, they have gotten more consistent, and that has begun with the Bears putting out the same guys every week to build comradery

    They will also have Carimi back, who is suppose to be their cornerstone linesmen, but that is yet to be seen. 

    The Eagles have a good defense, but they have only sacked opposing quarterbacks 18 times, nothing to write home about.

    The Bears offensive line should be able to handle the Eagles defense.  

LeSean McCoy Will Rush for 200 Yards

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    McCoy has rushed for over 120 yards four times this season, just ripped off 185 yards against the Dallas Cowboys, and the Eagles are just starting to click. 

    McCoy is a top five running back in the NFL. He and Forte are very similar for their abilities to rush and receive. 

    The Bears are also giving up crazy amounts of yards, and have allowed opposing running backs to rush for 5.2 YPC. I expect McCoy to be licking his lips with anticipation of this game. 

    McCoy is the man the Bears will have to contain if they want to keep their win streak alive. 

The Losing Team's Coach Will Be on the Hot Seat

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    Whether it is Andy Reid or Lovie Smith, the loser of this game will be harshly criticized by the media, and wil be on the "hot seat".

    If the Eagles lose, Reid will be blamed for not being able to holster all of the Eagles' talent. 

    If Lovie Smith is the coach of the losers, he will be blamed for poor personnel hiring and an inability to utilize his players strengths. 

    For both coaches, losing this game will greatly decrease their team's chances of making the playoffs. 

Dane Sanzenbacher Will Emerge as the Bears Best Receiver

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    Dane Sanzenbacher has played ok for a rookie, he has 19 receptions for 172 yards. Which is not great, but he is leading the Bears with three touchdown receptions. 

    I honestly think that Earl Bennett is the Bears best receiver, but he has been banged up and will play on Monday, but only in limited action. 

    For now, Sanzenbacher seems to be Cutler's favorite target. Maybe it is because they are building an off the field rapport with their weekly dinners

    If they Bears are lucky, maybe Sanzenbacher will develop into a viable weapon for years to come. 

The Bears Defense Will Only Allow 20 Points

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    Although this might seem bold, it really is not that out there.

    The Bears have a defense that bends, but does not break. They have allowed over 380 yards per game, but they are not giving up points. 

    In their last three games against the Detroit Lions, Minnesota Vikings and Tampa Bay Buccaneers the Bears have only allowed 24,10 and 18 points respectively. 

    I know I said in a previous slide that this game will be a shootout, and I stick to this, but I meant there will be a lot of yards and field goals.

    This Bears defense is great, and they will have their hands full with the likes of Mike Vick, LeSean McCoy, DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin.  

The Bears Will Utilize Kellen Davis

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    Kellen Davis is one of the Bears biggest assets behind Matt Forte and Jay Cutler. He is a huge target at 6' 7," 267lbs. 

    He can block, he can catch and he can create YAC. For the life of me I do not understand why the Bears do not throw to him more often. Davis has only eight receptions this season, but on those receptions he has over 100 yards and two touchdowns. 

    I have said this before, but Kellen Davis has the potential to be a light Antonio Gates. 

    Every time the Bears throw him the ball, good things happen.

    The Bears will be passing on Monday night, and Davis should be a solid contributor.


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