Chris Long Video: Watch Rams DE Salute World Series Champs Cardinals After Sack

Matt FaulconerFeatured ColumnistOctober 30, 2011

It's not just the baseball players celebrating the St. Louis Cardinals' World Series victory.

Rams defensive end Chris Long decided to celebrate the Cardinals World Series victory by celebrating a sack by hitting a home run. After dropping Drew Brees, Long wound up and swung for the fence.

The city of St. Louis doesn't have much to celebrate in the sports world outside of the Cardinals. The St. Louis Blue have been bad for quite sometime, and the Rams have been horrid since the greatest show on turf fizzled out.

They have something to celebrate about today, though, and no it's not just David Freese and the Cardinals.

The Rams lead the New Orleans Saints 17-0 at halftime. You saw that right, rub your eyes, check your glasses, whatever you need to do, but you better believe it.

The Saints went from dropping over 60 points on the Indianapolis Colts to scoring nothing in the first half this week.

You know what they say about karma. Maybe the Saints shouldn't have been running the score up last week and we wouldn't be talking about them losing this week.

Either way, it looks like the Rams have finally found some life. Chris Long certainly has, with a little bit of help from Freese and the Cardinals, who just happened to be in the house for today's game.

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