1. I got my @UVa_Football gear on for the night. Ready to get it going tomorrow! %wahoowa https://t.co/phCIfgTRq0

  2. Two of my favorite Bulldogs and two of my favorite beers. Happy Friday and cheers to our efforts halfway around the world with the @waterboys_org initiative. Have a great weekend and appreciate what we have! #drink4water #cheers

  3. Big lead for my @StAnnesBelfield football team and @jblake29 at the half!

  4. If I were a tennis star, it's a no brainer. I'm sponsored by FILA.

  5. Tough day for so many. Thankful for the efforts of guys moving on to a new opportunity. Preseason #8 down and I'm appreciative of each one!

  6. Check out www.marsocfoundation.org Our D-Line supports the MARSOC family and appreciate the gear that we are lucky enough to wear commemorating the marines lost in the Raider 7 crash March 10th.

  7. By @adriennerjohnson10 via @RepostWhiz app: And...Impressed! These 8-year-olds worked their tails off all week selling lemonade, walking dogs, doing chores, asking for donations, and some even brought in their own savings! They earned $100 for the Waterboys initiative, started by @joelworld which helps provide clean water to people in East Africa! Pretty proud of my peeps! This is why I love my job.  @waterboys_org #drink4water (#RepostWhiz app)

  8. Best @WaterboysORG #drink4water post I've seen! Thank you! Keep it going. http://t.co/w99mA5qlTS

  9. I declare this day meme Christmas

  10. I need a movie to watch this evening. Really need to rebound from spending 90 minutes watching "cop car" a week ago.

  11. Enjoyed them both https://t.co/NjkMAqG6Ix

  12. My dudes https://t.co/BSPbTfw6nx

  13. Thank you https://t.co/3FMd2JG7T0

  14. I was born to nap

  15. Just broke it to chubbs that today was bring your dog to work day and he didn't get the invite. http://t.co/gzN1qXVSn0

  16. Thanks for having us! https://t.co/43Kcn7U0o2

  17. Big big thanks to you guys! https://t.co/SS6trpYRig

  18. What a great way to kick off the morning for @WaterboysORG ! This is a great post bubba. Thank you. #drink4water https://t.co/FIIRvWL8Ai

  19. Jack N' Joel @joelcityusa strikes again. Having a strong preseason.

  20. One of the UVA legends right here Joey buckets #drink4water https://t.co/4qBasPdQgR

  21. This dude @paquettd from the future came back to 1985 to talk about the importance of @waterboys_org and I just found the tape #eerie #2075 #epic #timetraveler #whoa,man

  22. Wahoo legends joining the cause #drink4water @WaterboysORG Appreciate what we have, share and donate! https://t.co/QDQaDXYWii