NFL Community Challenge Week 14 Results

Sean CroweSenior Writer IDecember 10, 2008

I'm in control of the NFL Community Awards this week. So buckle up, it's going to be a fun and insult filled ride (I'm in a surly mood considering the Patriots are in tie-breaker hell right now).

Best Written Article: The Most Forgotten Game Ever Played: Dec. 7, 1941 by Bob Cunningham

Bob honors the anniversary of Pearl Harbor by telling the story of the Eagles-Redskins game played on the day World War II spread to the United States.

Best Roundtable: Chicago Bears Roundtable: Are Hester and Forte Really The Future by T.W. Krems

Great job by T.W. here.  Together with Bleacher Report writers Ian Shappard and Max Kienzler, his roundtable broke down Matt Forte (whom I love), the Bears beat-down of David Garrard, and Devin Hester (who might be the most overrated guy not named Reggie Bush in the NFL).

Best Discussion/comments: Is Kurt Warner a Hall of Famer? By John Parker

John Parker sparked a pretty good discussion on whether or not Kurt Warner is a hall of famer. I tend to think not. I don't think he's been dominant long enough.

Parker's column beat out my lunatic rant about the NFL being biased against the New England Patriots by 1 comment, by the way.

Accuracy of game/fantasy predictions: Chris Nelson's Week 14 NFL Game Predictions

12-3 by my count. Which is pretty good. I'm a little upset that he didn't spend more time breaking down the big Vikings-Lions showdown, but I'll get over it.

Funniest/original article: I Have Discovered the Ultimate Replacement for Plaxico Burress by Tim Hearin

I've forwarded this to the Giants' front office.

Best new columnist, AKA rookie of the week: Michael J

The dude joined seven days ago and his articles have already been read by over 6000 people. Not too shabby. Check him out. Become a fan. Read his stuff.

Overall winner: Sayre Bedinger

Couple of things about this award. First, you can't be a Fox Sports writer who republishes his stuff on Bleacher Report. Second, it required both quality and quantity to win. This week, Sayre featured both of those things nicely. I've read his bio. I'm relatively certain he doesn't work for Fox Sports.

My apologizes to anyone who read the earlier version of this thing.

Best overall community: Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers beat the Patriots, then they beat the Giants, now they’re the number one community in the NFL section of Bleacher Report. Congratulations to Steelers’ Community Leaders Justin Zucker, Eddie Rossell, and Charlie Cox.

If you have anyone you want to nominate for an award next week, either post it on my board or email it to me at (just make the subject NFL Community Awards).

Thanks for another great week. Keep up the good work!



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