Bleacher Report Exlcusive Interview with Jerron Love Class of 2015 Standout

Christopher ChavezAnalyst IIOctober 27, 2011

Jerron Love of Clovis West High School in California
Jerron Love of Clovis West High School in California

Jerron Love is one California's emerging young basketball stars and yet he is only a high school freshman.

What makes him so popular? He has been a YouTube sensation with some of his crazy crossovers and no-look passes. LeBron James is a fan of the young star by working with him in an animated cartoon online.

Love recently moved from New York to California to test the waters of West Coast basketball before college. Bleacher Report's Chris Chavez was able to interview Jerron Love before basketball season kicks off in California.

Chris Chavez: Tell us a little bit about yourself?

Jerron Love: My name is Jerron Love, but people call me Love most of the time. I’m in the Class of 2015 and I enjoy being a student-athlete.  My heart and soul is dedicated towards basketball. 

Chavez: Tell us where you’re from, because fans should take not that this place has been the birthplace of legends in the past.  

Love: I’m from New York, but I currently live in Clovis, California. 

Chavez: What inspired you to play basketball? Who has helped you become the type of player that you are today?

Love: Nobody really inspired me to play ball. It was always in my blood since I was a little boy. I started playing serious basketball when I was 10! 

Chavez: Who has helped you become the type of player that you are today?

Love: God, my mother, my father, and several trainers have helped me get my game to where it’s at today. Can’t forget the New York playgrounds and how much they taught me.


Chavez: What high schools were you considering before you finally made the decision to take your talents out to California?

Love: I was considering St. Anthony’s, Blair Academy, Hudson Catholic, Long Island Lutheran, and a few others.

Chavez: Why did you choose to move to the West Coast?

Love: I chose to move to the west coast, because I felt it would further my development faster. Cali was the best place for me to do that. The west coast is awesome too, all my family lives around here.

Chavez: How does it feel when people call you the best incoming freshman in the country for high school basketball?

 Love: It feels like I need to keep on working harder and harder. I’m a man on a mission. I’m humble and hungry. It’s a honor for them to classify me as that. It’s all pretty much motivation.

Chavez: Does that add any sort of pressure for you to succeed? What do you do to overcome this pressure?

Love: It adds a little bit of pressure...but i know when I’m on the court my game shows itself and like I said basketball is in my blood. I just work harder in the gym and push the extra mile.

Chavez: What are your strengths and weaknesses?


Love: My strengths are my quickness, my defense, and my jumpshot. I think I can improve on my strength and vertical.

Chavez: You rose in popularity after a lot of your videos went up on Youtube. How have you been working this Summer to make sure that what Clovis West High School receives is what they have seen on the web?

Love: (Laughs) I’ve been working hard, man. I went to Impact Academy and trained for a month with pros like John Wall, J.J. Hickson, Malcolm Lee, Corey Maggette, and a bunch of overseas guys. We started playing and I think they like what they see in me.

Chavez: By the sound of the hard work, it seems like you want to take Clovis West to a state championship and win it.

Love: That’s the goal. It would truly be a blessing if we could pull it off. 

Chavez: What is the plan from then on? Have you started to think of certain schools you might want to attend afterwards?

Love: I have received letters from Oregon, UConn, Louisville, St. John’s, Fresno State, Rutgers, Kansas, Arizona, USF and most recently George Mason offered. 

Chavez: Judging by the videos and scouting reports about you, the potential is there to make the NBA after one of those possible colleges that you named. If you were to make the NBA, who is the one person that you would love to have as a teammate? 

Love: That’s my dream and will always be. The one person that I would love to have as a teammate would be Kobe Bryant.


Chavez: Why?

Love: I would learn so much and he would be a great mentor! My dream team is Los Angeles also. 

Chavez: Is there anything that you would like to say back to the fans that you have in New York?

Love: I’m not always home but I’m always repping! Thanks for everything and I love y’all. 

Chavez: What advice do you have for kids and teens looking to pursue a successful basketball career like yours?

Love: Keep your head in the books and work as hard as you can because there’s another kid out there working harder. Never let the fun get out of the game though.

Chavez: I would like to take this moment to thank Jerron Love for allowing Bleacher Report readers and basketball fans across the country to get to know him a little better. Jerron Love is a name that could become a household name very soon. Thank you, Jerron.