WWE: 10 Bold Predictions for Undertaker's Reported Return to the Ring

Kevin Berge@TheBerge_Featured ColumnistOctober 28, 2011

WWE: 10 Bold Predictions for Undertaker's Reported Return to the Ring

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    Most wrestling fans have numerous stars that they want to see return to a WWE ring. One of the wrestlers who is on almost everyone's tongue is the great Undertaker.

    There were early rumors that he would show up at Vengeance, but that obviously did not happen.

    Now, the question is when will Undertaker begin his final run. As he is growing older, there is not much time left for him to compete. However, there is no doubt that will enter a WWE ring one more time.

    Following are my 10 predictions for his inevitable return.

1. He Will Sport a New Look

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    Just recently, there have been reports that Undertaker had his head shaved bald. That means that when he comes around we will not see the usual long hair from the Phenom.

    Looking back through history, though, he has not always had that long hair. He has ranged from short to middle length to the full length we all know and love.

    While he could wear a wig, it would much simpler for him to simply wrestle his final match(es) with shorter hair. It could even be part of his gimmick as he slowly is fading away.

2. His Return Will Bring Back Michelle McCool for a Short Time

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    The Divas Division will thank Undertaker immensely when he brings back one of the best the division ever had in Michelle McCool. She retired to be with her husband and will probably return for as long as he does.

    Perhaps one big match at Wrestlemania?

    Regardless, McCool would be a huge asset to the WWE and its Diva Division.

3. He Will Not Feud with Mark Henry

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    Many people have been clamoring over this possibility, but honestly it is not really the best situation for either star.

    While Mark Henry has been on the roll of his career, Undertaker does not factor in to that roll.

    Henry will defend the title successfully until Elimination Chamber, where he will probably drop it to the Royal Rumble winner.

    At best, Undertaker will come in to stare down a few stars and lead the way to his final days.

4. He Will Have a Final Run-in with Kane

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    Some people have been talking about Undertaker facing Kane at Wrestlemania, but, again, I don't see it. However, Undertaker will not be ending his career without one final face off with his brother.

    Not a match, just almost a showing of respect.

    It could be anything from the two talking at the end of SmackDown right before Wrestlemania, or even a hand shake between brothers at the final pay-per-view, Wrestlemania XXVIII.

    Kane will not let Undertaker disappear without getting some final words in.

5. He Will Wrestle the Final Match of His Career at Wrestlemania XXVIII

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    Wrestlemania will see the Undertaker finally give in.

    His nagging injury and increasing age are just becoming too much for Mark Calaway to continue performing. He will, however, have one final match at the show of shows for WWE.

    The question is, who will send him off?

    I have an answer for this.

6. His Final Match Will Be Against Wade Barrett

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    This match almost happened last year, but it fell through for HHH vs. Undertaker. This year, Barrett will be ready.

    Undertaker and Barrett have a past that needs to be cleared up since Barrett did help bury the Deadman alive. This match will be great and physical. The only problem is building up Barrett for the match.

    Some may have noticed that he is beginning to get on a roll and has been giving promos about his rise as a singles competitor.

    I see that all leading up to this match.

7. The Build-Up to the Match Will Eclipse Even the Rock vs. Cena

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    This is the end of one of the greatest careers of all time. You better believe the build up will be huge.

    Since Undertaker will probably not wrestle any other match besides his one against Barrett, there will be a mysticism surrounding the whole match. Not to mention that the streak will be promoted about a thousand times over.

    Cena and Rock will be cool, but it will not match this hype.

8. The Match Will Steal the Show

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    Three years now, the match that everyone has talked about after Wrestlemania was Undertaker's. No other match even had a chance. Even when we all doubted Triple H vs. Undertaker, they still put on the best match of the night easily.

    Even with the Rock wrestling and a possible main event match for the best pure wrestler in the world Daniel Bryan on the the card, Undertaker will still give us the best and most memorable match of the night.

    No one will stop that from happening.

9. The Streak Will End

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    I know many people are very sensitive about this possibility, but let's look at the facts.

    Undertaker has gone on record as saying he personally does not care about his streak and if it ends (as talked about here). Undertaker has also said that he will not end until the streak ends. In order for the Deadman to finally rest in peace, he needs the streak to be broken.

    The streak will give anyone credibility that ends it.

    Barrett will become a star as the WWE could never expect.

10. The Undertaker Will Be Inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2013

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    It happened to Shawn Michaels. It will happen for Undertaker.

    He will inducted about one year after his final match into the WWE Hall of Fame. It will great to see as this legend gets his due.

    Not many stars in the Hall of Fame are as illustrious as Undertaker, so it will continue to give the credit to the whole institution.

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