WWE: Is the Undertaker Going to Have One Last Match or Is He Already Retired?

Ryan FryeSenior Analyst IJuly 20, 2011

Recently, pictures surfaced of Mark Calaway (known to us as The Undertaker,) with a hat on and his head shaved bald.

I posted a picture of this on my Twitter, and it sparked a debate between me and fellow Bleacher Report writer, Jacob Waring.

Our debate was over if Undertaker was going to have one last match, or if this means his in-ring career was over. 

Jacob and I decided to take this to Bleacher Report, and let the ultimate decision go to you, the readers.

Without further ado, may the debate begin!


Jacob Waring

All signs points to Undertaker settling into a more backstage role as a mentor for talent. Taker’s hair is a major part of his gimmick due to the fact that The Undertaker always had long hair except during his American bad-ass gimmick.

I know and I know Ryan knows (he’s in denial) that Calaway's time in the ring has ended and the WrestleMania collapse was good enough to remove the character from television.

If any of you whine and b**ch about his streak not reaching 20-0 then you are just pathetic and disillusioned. Calaway does not give a damn about his streak and has said on record that he would not care if it ended.


Ryan Frye

For the past couple of years, Calaway has only been working major matches and pay-per-views. So, why couldn’t he just work WrestleMania?

Heck, if he was only working one match a year, he could go many more years.

Also, I don’t see The Undertaker retiring without any publicity. I understand he likes to stay in his gimmick, but he could have a match at ’Mania next year and tag it as his final match, win or lose.


Jacob Waring

Twenty years of wrestling have made him become this old man who would need a tombstone style walker just to get to the ring. He barely and I mean BARELY made it to Wrestlemania 27 as the injury he was coming off made him almost miss the event.

It used to be where we see Taker throughout the summer and wrestle here and there 'til Mania. Now we have not seen one glimpse of him since Mania and with that image of him hairless I stand by the idea that he’s done for good.

People who say one more match will always want one more match. Just a bunch of needy insecure selfish fans who just want to see the streak hit 20-0.

He’s broken, old and done with his in-ring career and now will be utilized as a mentor!


Ryan Frye

The Undertaker does not need a walker, he is in his forties, not eighties. He is probably in far better shape than you, but just has been beaten and battered through the years.

He isn’t going to appear with no hair, he will wear a wig or grow the hair back in time for WrestleMania. Either way, this legend isn’t going to appear bald.

Remember, his match with Triple H was great, so to say he is done inside the ring is foolish. While he does have limited time left, he can still go, and is probably healthier since he isn’t coming off an injury like he had going into WrestleMania 27.


Jacob Waring

 Undertaker taken notice of Edge retirement and is not in any rush to put his health or future at risk. yeah he had a big 4 star match but he did moves that he should not be doing in his 40’s that he used when was in his late 20’s.

Yeah…Undertaker with a wig…now way he can keep that on while wrestling as Kane had a wig once and his mask was what kept it on.

He can still go but he can’t at the same time, as he’s going to wrestle into a wheelchair if he keeps going full throttle. He’s done and he knows it.

Yeah, we all want to give him a send off, but the gimmick he has makes it where Undertaker could just vanish.



Ryan Frye

You raise valid points, but Calaway isn’t on the full-time schedule as Edge was, and doesn’t appear to have the same life-threatening injury situation.

A wig, a hairpiece, whatever the case is, it could be arranged so that it stays on his head. He still has five months until he would be needed for television anyway, he could grow some hair in that time.

Legends don’t just vanish from the business, they always have a sendoff. The Undertaker, despite the gimmick, will at least have a last match. I am confident about that.


Jacob Waring

Edge retired due to one injury to the neck while Calaway had his entire body eroded over the years. His torn rotator cuff in his right shoulder is a serious injury as even when healed he’ll still feel the effects of it as well as other injuries he culminated over the decades.

Calaway is not like Jericho, whose only major injury was a broken arm. Jericho has been smart with his career, taking breaks when needed and avoiding injury. Calaway been hurt far too much to really even wrestle one more match.

He realizes that it’s time to stop when the going was good, as the next match at Mania could be shit or end in a serious injury. Undertaker does not need a sendoff as he could just fade away as that is how the character has been built up, while Calaway will get his sendoff at the Hall of Fame.



Ryan Frye

Still, The Undertaker isn’t in imminent danger of being paralyzed, like Edge was.

Mark Calaway’s best tool throughout his career was being able to adapt. He may have taken moves out of his arsenal (The Last Ride), but he also added moves like Hell’s Gate. So who’s to say he can’t adapt even more?

The Undertaker can wrestle one more match, especially when he’s had a year to recover from the previous one.

Mark Calaway is a smart guy, but I see him retiring with an even 20-0 undefeated streak at WrestleMania 28.


Jacob Waring

It gets to the point where age and the natural breakdown of the human body makes adaptability a moot point. If he does wrestle one more match, (which he won’t), then he’ll have to miss this year's Mania as his body is too damaged to even wrestle anymore. Mark Calaway is a smart guy which is why he had hung up his boots after his match with HHH. 


Enough of us, do you think The Undertaker will ever compete in a match again? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments section.


Thanks for reading.