Fantasy Football: Matthew Stafford, Frank Gore, and Players to Sell High

John MillerCorrespondent IIIOctober 26, 2011

Stafford hasn't had a great fantasy day since Week 3
Stafford hasn't had a great fantasy day since Week 3Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

If you've played any amount of fantasy football, I'm sure you've heard about "buying low" and "selling high". They're both really two halves of the same simple concept. Trade for a player when his value is at its lowest point and trade away a player when his value is at its peak.

Simple enough, right?

It's a bit trickier in actual practice. Sometimes it is very difficult to give up a player who is performing at a high level. It's also difficult to trade for a player who is not producing at his expected level.

But you've heard about this concept for a reason. It is a solid, proven strategy. You just have to pick the right players.

So who should we be selling high? Let's establish a couple of guidelines:

1. Any player who does not have a secure starting position going forward.

2. Players with a lengthy injury history who have so far avoided an injury.

3. Ideally, players who have NOT had their bye week yet.

4. Any player who appears to have a number of unfavorable match-ups remaining on his schedule.

See? Nothing to it. Here are some players you should be attempting to trade away for maximum value in order to solidify your starting lineup:


BEN ROETHLISBERGER—We've all seen what Roethlisberger can do. But we've also seen him throw for 220 yards and 1 TD regularly. The Steelers are still a run-first team. When their running game and defense are effective, Roethlisberger won't be asked to do much. That inconsistency could kill your fantasy team down the stretch.

MATTHEW STAFFORD—This isn't even about Stafford's ankle. After three stellar games to begin the season, Stafford has only been a decent fantasy QB. He's not bad, but he's not the Top 5 stud he looked like after three weeks. His perceived value is greater than his actual value in redraft leagues at this point.


AHMAD BRADSHAWBrandon Jacobs is back. And it's not just that. Sure Bradshaw had a great day against the Bills in Week 6. But he failed to record double digit fantasy points in standard leagues in his other two starts with Jacobs out. The Giants are now moving into the difficult portion of their schedule. Bradshaw is a RB2 who might bring RB1 value back in trade.

FRANK GORE—Here's the deal. Whenever Gore had a favorable match-up this season, he had an excellent fantasy day. Whenever Gore had an unfavorable match-up, he had a mediocre or poor fantasy day. The fact that his last three match-ups were favorable has brought his value to its peak. Now is the time to sell. Kendall Hunter is knocking on the door and this could be a split job sooner rather than later.


PIERRE GARCON—Garcon has gotten a majority of his fantasy points off of several long, fluke TDs. He's not always going to have defenders fall, blow the coverage or miss tackles. The Colts are so inept, Garcon's only chance to have consistency in fantasy is to have a steady dose of targets. But since the Colts can't get first downs, they don't pass as much as a bad team usually should. If somebody still believes in Garcon, sell him now.

JORDY NELSON—This is not a strike against Nelson. He's an excellent receiver. The problems are James Jones, Jermichael Finley, Randall Cobb and Donald Driver. Aaron Rodgers loves to spread the ball around. Only Greg Jennings seems to get a steady does of targets. Everybody else varies wildly from week-to-week. If not for several long TDs, Nelson would be an average fantasy WR. If somebody will pay full value for what Nelson has already done, now is the time to make the deal.


ANTONIO GATES—Gates owners just got the best gift they could have asked for. Gates came back, he looked decent and he had a good fantasy day. So sell him as fast as you can. This foot injury of his is never going to go away. He will deal with it for the rest of the career. Every week you won't be sure if he is playing until kickoff. You don't want to deal with that every week. If somebody will pay the full sticker price for Gates, do it.

There you have it. Nothing to it, right? If you have anything to add to the discussion, please use the comments. All questions and feedback are welcome. Are there any players that I missed or that I am wrong about? Let me know.

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