Fantasy Football: Philip Rivers, Steven Jackson, and Your Buy-Low Targets

John MillerCorrespondent IIIOctober 25, 2011

Rivers is not a top-15 QB in most fantasy leagues so far in 2011
Rivers is not a top-15 QB in most fantasy leagues so far in 2011Nick Laham/Getty Images

If you've played any amount of fantasy football, I'm sure you've heard about "buying low" and "selling high". They're both really two halves of the same simple concept. Trade for a player when his value is at its lowest point and trade away a player when his value is at its peak.

Simple enough, right?

It's a bit trickier in actual practice. Sometimes it is very difficult to give up a player who is performing at a high level. It's also difficult to trade for a player who is not producing at his expected level.

But you've heard about this concept for a reason. It is a solid, proven strategy. You just have to pick the right players.

So who should we buy low on? Let's establish a couple of guidelines:

  1. You're looking for players who have produced at a high level within the last three seasons.
  2. You want players on teams with competent QBs. Bad QBs can kill fantasy value.
  3. Ideally, you would like players who already had their bye weeks.
  4. You should also acquire players with favorable remaining matchups on their schedule.

See? Not that difficult at all. With those tips in mind, here are some players to try to acquire in trades this week:


PHILIP RIVERS - Unless he's secretly injured, Rivers will get it together. The San Diego Chargers have a favorable schedule and Rivers finally has his weapons back on offense. Rivers has been so bad, he shouldn't be that difficult to acquire. His value is at an all-time low.



TONY ROMO - Romo's value is deflated as much as it ever will be. Fantasy stats don't care about how you perform in the fourth quarter. Romo did nothing against the St. Louis Rams because he didn't have to do anything. DeMarco Murray did the heavy lifting. With the Philadelphia Eagles pass defense up next, Romo's owner might be ready to jump ship.



STEVEN JACKSON - Sure the Rams are bad. But they're going to get better. The Rams might have played the toughest schedule in the league so far. They've already played the entire NFC East. The schedule gets much better. Sam Bradford will return and Brandon Lloyd will help everybody. Jackson looks good, he just needs the Rams to be competent.

RYAN MATTHEWS - Matthews was nicked again by an injury in Week 7. So Mike Tolbert got an equal amount of work and scored the short TD. Matthews has earned the largest portion of this committee and has proven to be especially valuable in PPR leagues. This might be your last chance to score Matthews in a trade.


DWAYNE BOWE - You wouldn't think you could buy low on Bowe. But you would be surprised. Bowe has a habit of being a boom-or-bust player who does most of his damage via a couple of big games. The rest of the time he's average. This can drive owners nuts. There's a ton of value here in PPR leagues.


MARIO MANNINGHAM - The New York Giants' coaching staff was vocal during the bye week about the amount of mistakes Victor Cruz is still making. Manningham is still the clear No. 2 target in the passing game for the Giants. Eli Manning is airing the ball out often and is on pace for another 4,000-yard passing season. Manningham could still end up being a decent WR2 in PPR leagues.



TONY GONZALEZ - Tony G has been quiet the past couple of games—just like all the other Atlanta Falcons who are not named Michael Turner. With the Falcons on a bye, now is the time to make an offer if you need help at TE. Gonzalez comes out of the bye with an excellent stretch of match-ups against teams who struggle covering TEs.

Did I miss anybody? Am I just plain wrong on someone? Add your comments and questions below.

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Good luck to all of your teams this week!