Hottest Stories in Sports for Wednesday, Oct. 26

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Hottest Stories in Sports for Wednesday, Oct. 26
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Tony LaRussa can't work a phone, the Big East is getting even smaller and John Lackey is about to be put onto a very large shelf.  

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In this edition: Tony LaRussa must have AT&T... Big East getting so dissed right now... John Lackey to get a year off... Terrell Owens is old... Chicago Cubs get their man, but not a player... Frank McCourt is simply awful...CP3 taking his talents to Family Feud 


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I love sports. The biggest games come down to the stupidest things sometimes, and it is truly special when that happens. St. Louis Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa is taking flack for not getting a clear message out to the bullpen of who should be ready to throw in Game 5 of the World Series. 

Question on Everybody's Mind: Really, the bullpen phone?

How can Tony LaRussa fix Bullpen issue?

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Our Take: This is hardly what will make or break Game 6. However, it was beaten to death on Tuesday, and will once again be the main talking point on Wednesday. Can we talk about Jaime Garcia's matchups? Adrian Beltre's power? No, let's break down an old man failing to use a phone correctly. 

Hype Meter: 5 out of 5 Can You Hear me Nows?

It's close out time, baby. If you thought Tim McCarver exaggerated things before, boy howdy, you have not heard anything yet. Get ready for your ears to bleed with the most inane comparisons and similes. Kind of like reading the Daily Radar, only with less Dustin Diamond references.

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West Virginia is set to leave the Big East for the Big 12. The conference is losing programs left and right leaving them scrambling for any school to join their ranks. Hell, they will take your Sunday night LAN party if you don't mind the travel. 

Question on Everybody's Mind: Is the Big East done?

New name for Big East should be...

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Our Take: The conference has been down this dark road before. I am sure they will get even smaller programs to join their conference. But that should kill them as an automatic BCS bid provider. You can't have a bunch of glorified community colleges in your conference and call yourself a big boy. I think I read that on Wikipedia. 

Hype Meter: 5 out of 5 What's West Eastern Murray State Southern Up Tos

Honestly, would anyone notice if the Big East just disappeared altogether? Other than the irate fans that take exception to the previous comment, no. Nobody would care. Much like nobody cared when the brother and sister on California Dreams left after the first season. 

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The next time we see John Lackey, we will have forgotten all about his horrible 2011 season and the beer drinking fiasco. The hurler is set for Tommy John surgery, meaning he will sit out all 2012. 

Question on Everybody's Mind: Is this end of John Lackey?

Our Take: Hardly. It seems Lackey was throwing hurt all season which explains the beer drinking. I recently stubbed my toe and drank a whole box of wine. 

Hype Meter: 4 out of 5 Bloated ERAs

The Red Sox have been out of the picture for a couple weeks and yet we still talk about them. If Kevin Youkilis gets a cold, we may have to shut down Tim Tebow Watch for a couple days. 

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Like Robin Williams trying to pass off old schtick as cutting edge comedy, Terrell Owens tried to run routes like the T.O. of old, and it was awkward. 

Question on Everybody's Mind: Can we stick a fork in T.O.?

Our Take: Yes, God, please someone tell Owens to retire already. The fact that not one NFL team sent even an intern to look at Owens is troubling. Owens' agent, Drew Rosenhaus, promises to send the tape to all 32 teams though, which is great, because spam always works. 

Hype Meter: 3 out of 5 Huffing, Puffing and Wheezings

You know the episode of Dragonball Z when a fight looked imminent only it turned out to be all hype and nothing ever happened? You might know that one because it happened in every stupid episode. Well, Terrell Owens and Drew Rosenhaus are about to hit us with episode after episode of hype. It will then end with T.O. making an awkward retirement when no one wants him. Yay!

It was only Slightly Worse Tweet Award: 

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Theo Epstein was officially announced as the president of baseball operations for the Chicago Cubs on Tuesday. After several hours, the Chicago Cubs continued to be a pile of garbage. 

Question on Everybody's Mind: Will the Curse Finally End?

Our Take: No. Do you know why? Because there is no curse. Theo Epstein will win because he is an accomplished baseball mind. This isn't Weekend at Bernie's where voodoo curses cause hilarity and hijinks to ensue. 

Hype Meter: 2 out of 5 GOATS

We have known about this transition for what has seemed like months. There really should be little to discuss that hasn't already been covered but this ain't a perfect world. We will again cover curses, free agents and everything down to how Theo Epstein can also solve the world's hunger problems. 

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MLB is accusing Frank McCourt of looting $190 million from the Dodgers to cover his own expenses. That is about $190 million than I have ever stolen. Although I did think about taking a Whatchamacalit candy bar when I was seven. 

Question on Everybody's Mind: Is Frank McCourt the Worst thing to happen to the Dodgers ever?

Our Take: Al Campani's racial slurs, the San Francisco Giants winning the World Series and the year they ceased grilling Dodger Dogs all pale in comparison to Frank McCourt's tenure as owner. He is a villain of the highest order. 

Hype Meter: 1 out of 5 Doyer Dogs 

The fact that this story is being brushed under the carpet of the national media illustrates how far the Dodgers have sunk. This is the franchise of integration and westward expansion. Now, it's just those broke guys that have Aaron Miles actually suiting up for them. 

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If there is any amount of awesome that is going to come from the NBA Lockout, it's that these types of stories will become all the more prevalent. Chris Paul will feature on Family Feud

Question on Everybody's Mind: Wait, like Celebrity Family Feud?

Our Take: Nope. Paul is apparently taking the clan down to the studios in the ol' family truckster the old fashined way. The family applied just like normal human beings would. 

Hype Meter: 3 out of 5 He can't blow his knee out this way, can hes?

This is the kind of hilarity that is about to ensue. NBA stars are getting restless. Soon we will see them tending the coffee maker as Starbucks or flipping the letter for Pat Sajak. I can't wait. 

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Until tomorrow, relive some classic Chevy Chase and Chick Hern. 

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