4 Things We Learned from Terrell Owens' Workout

Ryan Phillips@@RumorsandRantsContributor IIIOctober 25, 2011

4 Things We Learned from Terrell Owens' Workout

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    Terrell Owens held his much-ballyhooed public workout on Tuesday, and despite the hype surrounding it, no NFL teams were in attendance. Luckily, Owens and his advisers allowed it to be televised so the public could see just what the 37-year-old receiver had to offer. 

    While the workout was apparently a non-event for NFL franchises, we did learn a few things about Owens and his condition by watching. Read on to see the four main things we learned by watching the six-time Pro Bowler run and catch passes against ghost defenses.

His Abs Are Better Than His Hands

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    One thing that no one should have been surprised by is that fact that Owens' physique was in fantastic shape. Despite being 37, the five-time All-Pro receiver has the body of a beefed-up 23-year-old. 

    Owens opted to do the workout shirtless, which was probably a calculated move to show the kind of shape he has kept himself in. He has always looked like he was cut out of granite, and despite a long absence from the field while rehabbing a serious left knee injury, that remains true.

    If having a spot on an NFL roster was simply a matter of looking the part, someone would have signed Owens before the workout even ended. Unfortunately for T.O., that's not how things work, and the rest of these slides aren't as positive.

He Is Clearly Still Not 100 Percent

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    Despite the proclamations of both Owens and his agent Drew Rosenhaus, the receiver's left knee is clearly not yet 100 percent. While running some of his routes, the 37-year-old was able to get full extension out of his right leg, but his left looked very tight.

    On several of his routes, you could tell his cuts weren't as crisp as they should have been and that he was favoring his left side. 

    This could just be due to rust and having not gone 100 percent on his surgically repaired knee, but regardless, no team should feel confident that he'd be ready to play immediately if he was signed now. 

    Owens also fell down while running his first pattern, and while he made it through the rest of the workout, his left leg was definitely not all the way back into playing shape.

He Has the Conditioning of a 50-Year-Old Chain Smoker Running a Marathon

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    Look, you can't just sit out of football for 10 months rehabbing an injury and just expect to jump right back into playing again. 

    While Owens' physique looked incredible, his conditioning was not even close to being up to par. After an hour of showing off for zero teams, it was obvious that T.O.'s t-shirt that boasted "I am" on the front and "ready" on the back was clearly false advertising. 

    Owens took extended breaks between drills and looked to be having a tough time with his conditioning. 

    While he wasn't bent over and wheezing after the workout, it was clear that he was struggling. That may have been because of an overload of adrenaline or a result of over-hyping himself for the day, but considering that he has been in so many big games over the years, I seriously doubt that was the case.

    At this point, there is no way Owens could make it through full-speed workouts with an NFL team.

He's Not as Confident as He Claims

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    In a very telling development Owens refused to run a 40-yard dash. Clearly, he doesn't want to show anyone if he has lost a step.

    If the receiver was as confident as he and Rosenhaus have been making it seem, he would have done every aspect of a workout that would have interested teams. Instead, they stuck to having him run patterns and doing some agility drills.

    The biggest concern for any team picking up Owens would be the health of his surgically-repaired left knee. After all, the surgery took place just six months ago.

    While the receiver and his agent have said he is ready and healthy, opening up and running at full speed for 40 yards would have done a lot to dispel concerns over the stability of his left leg and whether or not he is indeed 100 percent.

    Owens opted not to do that, which means he's clearly not confident that he could have turned in an impressive time.