WWE: Annoying Storylines That Lasted Way Too Long

Nate Scaccia@@TheNateScacciaAnalyst IIIOctober 26, 2011

WWE: Annoying Storylines That Lasted Way Too Long

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    Storylines are what makes the WWE interesting and fresh. Sometimes, storylines and angles can leave us on the edge of our seats, waiting for the next twist or confrontation. Then, other times, the WWE has some incredibly bad and annoying storylines that have us shaking our heads and asking ourselves "why is this wasting a time slot"?

    In the WWE's defense, not all storylines will be winners or widely praised. Some are just plain bad. The problem comes when the WWE is either forced or for lack of reason continues to run the boring, unbelievable, corny or awful storylines.

    In this article I will show some of the storylines/angles that had me asking "why?"

Santina Marella

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    As if Santino's current gimmick isn't bad enough, the WWE gave us his "sister" Santina as the Ms. Wrestlemania winner. This storyline was just plain stupid. It wasted time on WWE programming and did not once ever make anyone think that Santina was a real person.

    Instead of pushing real divas and giving them some meaningful storylines we had to put up with this. Why waste time with this angle if it is not believable at all?

Anonymous Raw General Manager

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    The WWE doesn't even acknowledge the Anonymous Raw GM anymore, and that is a good thing. This stupid computer was kind of interesting the first month or so it was introduced. The fans were thinking of possible GM's that could be behind the computer but the WWE never revealed anything about it.

    After many long months the GM lost its luster and was one of the most annoying delays on WWE programming.

    The worst part? The WWE scrapped the thing before revealing who it was or where it went. So the whole thing was just a waste of time.

Michael Cole and Heidenreich

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    I was actually a fan of Heidenreich before the WWE ruined his character. In this miserable angle, Heidenreich took Cole to the bathroom and "had his way with him." The idea was just plain bad and was a waste from the start.

    The WWE then turned Heidenreich into a poetry reading, kid friendly happy go lucky guy. So, in case you are confused, the WWE wanted you to believe that Heidenreich "had his way" with Cole and then was a nice guy that danced and played with children.

    See any problems here? 

Raw Guest Host

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    When this idea first started it was pretty interesting. We would wonder who would host the next show and what they had planned for Raw. Then, after a few months, we began to realize that all the guests hosts do is hype something that they are currently working on and have no regard for wrestling at all.

    The guest host editions of Raw were focused towards "entertainment" if you can call it that, and less wrestling. Some of Raw's worst episodes were during this failed guest host program. Not all of them were bad, but almost every one of them was just unbearably boring or terrible.


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    Hornswoggle is still on the WWE roster but he rarely makes appearances anymore. This is a very good thing but expect him to make a Halloween appearance soon.

    Hornswoggle was a comedic relief act that was pretty funny the first few months he was here. Then, Hornswoggle began to wrestle, and not occasional wrestling, but weekly wrestling or segments devoted to Hornswoggle. What a waste of time.

    Hornswoggle actually won the Cruiserweight Championship and was the last one to hold the belt. Hornswoggle took time away from other superstars who could actually gain something from weekly exposure but the WWE decided a comedy act was a better use of our time.


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    Those are just some of the many WWE storylines that have failed over the past years. For every successful storyline there will always be one that goes on for too long and we lose our interest.

    What are your least favorite storylines?

    Leave your comments below, and thanks for reading.

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