WWE Fantasy: Monday Night Raw, Oct. 24

Nate Scaccia@@TheNateScacciaAnalyst IIIOctober 24, 2011

WWE Fantasy: Monday Night Raw, Oct. 24

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    Hello everyone and welcome to My Monday Night Raw. You can view last week's episode here. As with last week, please vote in the comment section with your rating of the show. All scores will be out of 10 possible points (9/10 for example).

    Last week, you voted Smackdown into the lead with 10.75 points. Raw received 8.75 points.

    *The slides will be shorter than usual as I was not anticipating writing the show this week.

Match 1: Shelton Benjamin vs. Wade Barrett

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    We open the show by going straight to the action.

    Benjamin is out first to a nice reaction.

    He is followed by Wade Barrett who is accompanied by William Regal.

    Barrett locks up with Benjamin and throws him to the ground. Barrett stomps on Banjamin a few times before the referee makes him stop. Benjamin gets up and attacks Barrett. Benjamin hits a nice array of moves before Barret counters one into a powerslam. Barrett goes for the pin but Benjamin kicks out.

    Barrett locks in a submission but Benjamin kicks out. Barrett goes for a boot but Benjamin dodges it. Benjamin lands a few kicks and a bulldog and goes for the pin but William Regal gets up on the apron and distracts the referee. Barrett reaches in his tights and pulls out a pair of brass knuckles. Barrett punches Benjamin in the face and covers him for the poin and victory.


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    We see a video that highlights last weeks events including the main event melee. Triple H is then seen backstage with Mark Henry discussing the events.

Match 2: Kane vs. Chris Masters

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    Chris Masters is out first and Kane follows.

    This is a total squash match as Masters can get no offense in. Kane chokeslams him and gets the easy victory. Kane then starts to scream and turns red-faced and grabs a steel chair. Kane smashes Masters in the head with it repeatedly until he starts to bleed. Kane touches Masters blood and smears it on half of his (Kane's) face.

    Kane then seems to go into a trance like state and walks off like nothing happened. We fade to commercial.

Match 3: Kelly Kelly vs. Layla

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    Kelly is out first and Layla is next. They show last weeks match where Kelly defeated Layla.

    This is a typical divas bout and Kelly wins again. Layla storms off as Kelly celebrates.


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    Triple H is shown backstage again but this time he is talking with Sheamus and the Empire members.

Match 4: Tyler Black vs. RVD

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    Tyler Black is out first accompanied by Vickie Guerrero.

    RVD is out next and we begin the match.

    RVD takes control early on and does not let up. He taunts Black and throws him to the outside often. Vickie pulls him aside and whispers something in his ear and he continues fighting. Black throws RVD to the outside and grabs the ring bell. Black hits RVD over the head and is disqualified. Black and Vickie laugh and walk off.

Match 5: R Truth and Abraham Washington vs. Drew McIntyre and Mason Ryan

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    Truth and Washington are out first.

    McIntyre and Ryan are out next.

    McIntyre and Truth start off. The two brawl for about seven minutes before Ryan is tagged in and cleans house. McIntyre attacks Washington on the outside and Ryan throws Truth back in. Truth attacks him and takes control.

    Truth has Ryan down and tags Washington in and vice versa. Ryan eventually fights them off and tags in McIntyre who takes them out and goes for the Future Shock but Washington interferes. Ryan throws him out, but Truth rolls up McIntyre and gets the cheap win by grabbing his tights.


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    Triple H comes out to the ring and announces that tonight's main event will be Sheamus vs. Mark Henry in a Lumberjack match. The Lumberjacks will be Wade Barrett, William Regal, Mason Ryan, R-Truth, Abraham Washington and Booker T.

Match 6: Randy Orton vs. Alex Riley

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    Alex Riley is out first and we await Randy Orton.

    His music hits but he doesn't come out. We then go backstage where Orton is laid out and covered in blood. We fade to commercial as the paramedics are screaming for more help.

Main Event: Mark Henry vs. Sheamus (Lumberjack Match)

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    Henry is out first and his "group" is out with him.

    Sheamus is out next and the Empire Alliance is at his side.

    Henry and Sheamus brawl and throw each other to the outside for about 15 minutes. Each man gets beaten up a little by the opposing team before being thrown back into the ring. Eventually, the two sides start to fight on the outside and all hell breaks loose. Everyone is fighting and going out into the crowd. Henry and Sheamus fight each other with no regard for the referee. The match ends in a no contest but they still brawl.

    Truth and McIntyre are seen fighting up in the audience while Barrett and Regal have Booker and Washington on their trail as they run backstage. Sheamus goes for a Brogue Kick but Henry counters and hits a World Strongest Slam on the announce table. We fade out with chaos throughout the arena and Henry Standing tall.


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    That's all I have for you on this edition of WWE Fantasy Monday Night Raw.

    Leave your comments and scores below.

    Thanks for reading.