WWE Fantasy: Monday Night Raw

Nate Scaccia@@TheNateScacciaAnalyst IIIOctober 17, 2011

WWE Fantasy: Monday Night Raw

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    Hello, Bleachers, and welcome to the return of my own version of Monday Night Raw! Before I begin with this episode, I would like to explain the new concept.

    I, along with Will Owen, will be writing the fantasy Raw shows. Nathan Giese and Kevin Berge will be doing SmackDown. We also decided to hold a fantasy draft; the results of the draft can be viewed here. Please read the new rosters so that there will be no confusion going forward.

    There is also a new scoring concept. Since this is a competition between the two shows, you, the readers, will decide who wins. Grade our show by leaving a score on a scale of 1 to 10 in the comment section: "7/10," for example.

    Now without further delay, let's get the show started.

Opening Segment

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    We open the show with our announce team, Jerry Lawler, J.R. and Booker T welcoming us. We see a short video package that shows Rey Mysterio winning the World Heavyweight Championship recently. The team talks about how Rey defied the odds until Mark Henry comes out to the ring.

    Henry has an angry look on his face and he grabs a mic.

    "Isn't it great how everyone cheers when a little runt of a superstar wins a championship that he doesn't deserve. I have been in the WWE for years and I have never received the respect that I have earned. There isn't a man in that locker room who does not fear me. I AM MARK HENRY, and you will respect me! Rey, I am challenging you to a match, tonight, for your World Heavyweight Championship. You will accept the challenge or I will come back there and break your legs and make you forfeit the title to me!"

    Sheamus' music hits and he makes his way out to the ramp. The crowd gives him good heat as he is still a member of the Empire Alliance.

    "Listen here fella', you need to get back in line. I have been winning match after match and destroying everything in my path. If anyone deserves anything around here it is me."

    The fans boo before both men yell at them to shut up.

    The anonymous Raw GM chimes in and the crowd gives him heat as well.

    "Gentlemen, you both seem to want the same goal so I will give you each a chance to achieve it. Tonight, Mark Henry will take on Sheamus with the winner becoming No.1 contender for the World Heavyweight Championship!"

    The men stare at each other as we head to commercial.

Match 1: Kane vs. RVD

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    Kane's music hits and the "Big Red Machine" makes his way down to the ring and sets off his signature pyro.

    Rob Van Dam's music goes off and the fans go crazy for the returning superstar. He gets in the ring, taunts Kane with his classic "Rob...Van...Dam.." chant and we begin.

    Kane grabs RVD early on and throws him into the turnbuckle. Kane hits a few punches and an uppercut before going for a closeline. RVD dodges it and hits Kane with a spinning kick to his head. RVD hits a few basic moves before Kane grabs him and hits a sidewalk slam. Kane goes for the pin but RVD kicks out at a short two.

    Kane sizes him up for a chokeslam but RVD counters it and hits a leg sweep and then hits rolling thunder. the crowd is going nuts for RVD and he goes to the top rope to hit his Five Star frog splash. RVD goes for the move but Kane rolls out of the way. Kane hits a big boot and sizes RVD up for his chokeslam but again he counters. RVD goes for a top rope move but Kane catches him and hits the chokeslam. Kane pins him and picks up the win.


Match 2: Goldust vs. ?

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    Goldust is out first to a nice reaction.

    Vickie Guerrero comes out and draws massive heat. She says she has a new client and introduces us to Seth Rollins aka Tyler Black.

    Rollins gets in the ring and we begin. Goldust does a few basic moves (headlock, whips, slaps etc.) on Rollins before he counters and hits a bulldog. Rollins locks in a submission move but Goldust powers out and hits a backdrop. Goldust goes for the pin but Rollins kicks out. Goldust goes for a DDT but Rollins hits a big roundhouse kick and hits his finisher for the win. Vickie celebrates to a chorus of boo's and we fade to commercial.


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    William Regal is backstage being interviewed. He says that the Empire Alliance is still as strong as it has ever been and no one will be able to stop the group.

Match 3: Kelly Kelly vs. Layla

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    Kelly is out first to a great reaction.

    Layla is out next to a mixed reaction.

    The divas brawl in a pretty even match. Both women do few moves of their own before Kelly gains the upper hand and hits her finisher for the win.

Match 4: R-Truth vs. Drew McIntyre

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    Truth is out first and he is with his new manager Abraham Washington.

    Drew McIntyre is out next and both superstars receive heat.

    The men lock up and McIntyre gains the upper hand. McIntyre hits Truth with a few right hands before hitting a suplex. Truth rebounds and hits a a few punches before hitting a quick DDT. Truth locks in a submission but McIntyre power out and hits a big boot. McIntyre goes for the pin but Truth kicks out.

    Washington is on the outside barking orders and Truth goes for the roll up when McIntyre isn't looking. McIntyre kicks out.McIntyre hits Truth with another big boot and knocks him to the mat. McIntyre grabs Truth and hits the Future Shock DDT. McIntyre then taunts Washington and wastes time. McIntyre goes for the pin but Truth grabs the rope. The referee doesn't see Truth grab the rope and counts three. McIntyre wins and slithers off. Truth and Washington appear ready to hit the ref but they walk off.



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    Triple H comes out to the ring with mic in hand. He seems ready to make a big announcement. Triple H does some of his usual talk before getting down to business. He says that he is tired with the current direction of the company. He says it is time to change how we do business.

    He calls to the back and a WWE executive brings out a crate. Triple H opens the crate and inside is the Unified Tag Team Championships and the DIvas Championship.

    "Now, I don't know about you guys, but these things piss me off. I mean look at these things, they look like children's toys."

    Triple H puts them back in the crate and walks over to the apron where he grabs a mysterious fluid and pours it over the box. He then grabs a match and sets them on fire!

    He calls to the back and out comes another executive, this time he has a nice black box.

    Triple H reaches into the box and pulls out the World Tag Team championships along with the Women's Championship.

    "Now it is time we get back to the good ol' days of wrestling"

    Triple H points to the titantron and a big PG-14 appears on the screen. The crowd goes nuts as Triple H announces that the PG era is over.


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    Wade Barrett and Drew McIntyre are beating up on Ezekiel Jackson. They throw him into a door and then through a table. They tell him welcome to the "New Era" and walk off. Jackson stumbles to his feet but Sheamus gives him a brogue kick as he is on his way to the ring.

Main Event: Sheamus vs. Mark Henry

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    Sheamus is out first followed by Mark Henry.

    The two men brawl for a very long time with each one hitting his signature moves and counters. Eventually, both men hit clotheslines and go down in the ring. The referee gets to a count of seven but Henry gets up and starts beating on Sheamus. Henry is about to hit the Wolrd's Strongest Slam when Barrett, McIntyre, Mason Ryan and William Regal storm the ring. They beat up Henry and grabs steel chair. They hit Henry a few times until Ezekiel Jackson, R-Turth and Abraham Washington come out. Each man finds an Empire member and they all start fighting.

    Booker T says that this is what wrestling is all about and he joins in the fray. Booker beats up William Regal and the two teams fight until the Empire retreats. The crowd is cheering Henry, Jackson, Washington and Booker until Henry grabs the referee and hits him with the W.S.S. Jackson then goes outside and beats up Lawler. J.R. pleads with the men and they spare him but not before making a path of destruction. The crowd gives them heat as we fade out.


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    That concludes Monday Night Raw.

    Don't forget to leave a score out of 10 in the comment section.

    Leave any comments there also, and as always, thanks for reading.