WWE and TNA Roundtable: The Hardy Boyz Are the Greatest Tag Team Ever

Daniel MasseySenior Analyst IIIOctober 25, 2011

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The Hardy Boyz are one of the most influential tag teams in the history of the WWE. From their exciting ladder matches to their death-defying cage matches, anytime the Hardy Boyz performed, it was pretty much certain you were going to be wowed.

The feuds they had with Edge and Christian and the Dudley Boyz only helped their career along as the Triple Threat tag team matches they competed in raised the stakes every time. Two matches that stand out to me are the Triangle Ladder match from WrestleMania 16 and the TLC (Tables, Ladders and Chairs) match from WrestleMania X-Seven.

These two matches stole the show for me, despite the huge main event talent that worked the huge matches on these nights.

There is no tag team who can perform the huge moves that the Hardy Boyz did. Matt Hardy’s flying leg drop from the top of a ladder, and Jeff Hardy’s Swanton Bomb, usually from an even bigger ladder. When there weren’t any ladders involved (quite a rarity, let me assure you) they looked just as impressive from the turnbuckles.

Tom Clark mentions The Road Warriors having the best theme entrance ever? No way. The bass beat of the opening of The Hardy Boyz entrance music is easily one of the best theme tunes of the Attitude Era, if not ever.

These guys may not have been the most physical of specimens, but they knew one thing—how to put on an amazing show. The Hardy Boyz never failed to impress in any of their matches. Every time Jeff Hardy would take his top off, I would get an earache as the female fans in the arena would scream the house down, just wanting to grab a bit of the high-flying daredevil.

Sure enough, The Horsemen had their undeniably great wrestling skills, The Road Warriors had intimidation, but The Hardy Boyz had something much more important. Spectacle.

The unique nature of their teamwork could not be found in any other promotion at the time of the Hardy Boyz; they were in a league of their own.

Six-time WWE Tag Team Champions. That really does speak for itself when you think about the prestige these tag team titles used to have in the WWE. Their skill in the ring is incomparable when you think about the unique nature in which they flew around the squared circle. They weren’t the greatest technical wrestlers in the world, but they were the greatest high-flying tag-team.

I have danced around their uniqueness, the spectacle their matches always produced and their fluent teamwork, but possibly the most important point when the Hardy Boyz comes to mind, is the fact that they revolutionised the tag team division.

They took it to heights where no-one had taken it before. Granted, Edge and Christian and the Dudley Boyz played a part in this, but I always felt, contrary to others around me, that they were a step below the Hardy Boyz.

To me, they are the greatest tag team the WWE has ever seen. They did eventually split up, which, funnily enough, saw Jeff Hardy climb a bit higher on the ladder than Matt (couldn’t resist) but Team Xtreme will always be remembered for spearheading a division for a few years and becoming the top guys in their league.

The Road Warriors and the Horsemen were good, hell they were great, but they weren’t on the same level as the Hardy Boyz!

Right then Jon Fisher; tell me who could top the Hardy Boyz!

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