The sport of professional wrestling is a true American art form. Its legacy is passed on from one generation to another in a connection that only fans really understand. It is a world filled with exceptional athletes displaying incredible strength and agility, who tell their stories with physical conflict. This is not the sport of kings; it is the sport of the people. And I am but its humble herald.

Basically, it's a bunch of guys in tights and I like to write about them--a lot.


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  • Australian posted 139 days ago


    Tom. Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed reading your article on Imagining Bray Wyatt as a Babyface. It really got me thinking about the idea and the possibilities it could lead to. Although I don't want to see Bray Wyatt as a babyface, I loved your creativity and idea. Well done mate.

  • Olli Seppala posted 224 days ago

    Olli Seppala

    Hey man, a troll who uses my name and profile pic posted crap on your board. It wasn't me who bashed you. Just wanted to tell you.

  • Bryan Sucks posted 327 days ago

    Bryan Sucks

    Is it just me or you look like a combo of HHH and Chris Benoit?

  • The GOAT X3 posted 340 days ago

    The GOAT X3

    "Do you know, do you know who you're gonna fight Rocky. Somehow, someway, you are going to fight ME. And not only will I be the WWE Champion but I'll be the face of the W.W.E!!"

    WWE should do the right thing and have Daniel Bryan vs The Rock at the main event of wrestlemania XXX for the WWE title.

    Wrestlemania is a night when rookies become mid carders, when mid carders becomes main eventers, when main eventers become legends, when legends become hall of famers, when hall of famers become all time greats.

    The Rock and Daniel Bryan share a lot of similarities: both started as boring generic babyface rookies, both got their career saved by a heel turn, both lost two consecutive ppv wwf/e title matches (Austin wm15 and backlash 99 ; Punk over the limit and mitb 12) then went on to form a tag team with an unlikely partner (Mankind ; Kane) and they were the one that shined the most in that team and showed a funnier side which led to them turning face and when that team broke up they went on to win their first world title as babyfaces (vs HHH ; vs Cena).
    So much similarities in their career, they had chemistry on the mic and their segment at raw 1000 was entertaining, they will also have chemistry in the ring since Rock worked a lot of great matches in his career with smaller guys (Jericho, Benoit, Angle...) And while Rock might not be the wrestler he once was, he can still tell a great story in the ring and Bryan can get a great match out of him, Bryan can have great matches with bigger guys, his matches were Ryback on smackdown and raw were great and his match with Cena was amazing as well.

    While I would like to see Rock vs Brock or Rock vs HHH or even Rock vs Taker, I think the right choice would be to have Rock get his rematch clause against Bryan at Wrestlemania.

    It would be nice to have wrestlemania end with Bryan beating The Rock for the wwe championship, imagine the guy who lost the opening match in 18 seconds would go on to beat the guy who won wrestlemania's main event 2 years later, that would be more than epic and it would be nice to have a star born at wrestlemania, the last time wrestlemania ended with a NEW STAR was wrestlemania 21.

    Do you think it should happen?

  • Jim Blackwell posted 365 days ago

    Jim Blackwell

    When do you reckon is the right time to split up/end The Shield, and how do you think it should happen?

    Personally, I hope it is Team Bryan (with Punk, Ziggler and Big Show + 1 other) vs The Corporation (Orton, The Shield and Barrett) at Survivor Series. However Rollins turns on the Shield, just before cutting a promo about how this is not real justice like they set out to do a year ago and then joins Team Bryan. To accommodate his absence either HHH wrestles or Vince brings in Drew McIntyre, saying how he can still be 'the chosen one' if he acts seriously, forming a tag team with Barrett and joining this new Corporation-esque stable. I doubt it will happen, but nice way to refresh the storyline and keep the angle going. Would be great to have Rollins vs Ambrose at Wrestlemania XXX in my eyes.

  • David Levin posted 453 days ago

    David Levin

    You rock, my friend!

  • Dan Riaz posted 491 days ago

    Dan Riaz

    How are you Tom?

  • Ryan Dilbert posted 491 days ago

    Ryan Dilbert

    Just saw one of your articles on the Layfield report. Congrats, man.

  • Dan Riaz posted 539 days ago

    Dan Riaz

    No worries :D

  • Dan Riaz posted 539 days ago

    Dan Riaz

    Just wanted to say well done on the Paul Bearer article! Props isn't enough!

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