WWE Legacy: Comparing 5 WWE Alumni to Their Impactful Fathers

Kevin Berge@TheBerge_Featured ColumnistOctober 26, 2011

WWE Legacy: Comparing 5 WWE Alumni to Their Impactful Fathers

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    Sometimes, even legends once had to deal with a shadow at their back.

    As a growing group of young second or even third generation stars are being groomed in WWE, the WWE has actually seen a number of former second generation stars in the past.

    These WWE Alumni are not all Hall of Fame talent.

    Their fathers are not all Hall of Fame talent.

    However, all of these stars and their fathers made serious impacts upon pro wrestling and WWE.

    At the same time, each alumni had to live up to his or her father's name.

    That is a tough task.

    Following are five WWE alumni and how they stack up to their fathers.

Joe Blanchard

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    Joe Blanchard is not a well-known star; however, he has had a large impact upon professional wrestling.

    He was a two time NWA Texas Heavyweight Champion and a two-time NWA Hawaii Tag Team Champion with his partner James Blears.

    Joe Blanchard was most known for being a serious wrestling promoter though.

    He promoted pro wrestling in Southwest Championship Wrestling, and he inspired his son to follow in his footsteps.

    While Joe Blanchard is a serious player as a promoter, his son would grow to even larger heights.

Tully Blanchard

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    Tully Blanchard is one of the first great second generation wrestlers.

    He has done many things in his career, but one sticks out above everything else.

    Tully Blanchard is a founding member of the Four Horsemen.

    If that doesn't mean anything to you, you might want to check out your history.

    Blanchard was one of the instrumental members of one of the greatest stables in pro wrestling history.

    As a member of the Horsemen, Tully would capture WWF and NWA tag team gold with Arn Anderson. The two were so good that they were considered tag team of the year in 1989.

    As a singles competitor, he would capture NWA Heavyweight gold and eventually be inducted into the NWA Hall of Fame.

    Tully Blanchard was one of the best wrestlers in the business during his time, and he made his name known certainly making his father proud.

Paul Vachon

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    Paul "Butcher" Vachon began wrestling with his brother Maurice "Mad Dog" Vachon.

    The two found huge success as a tag team in the AWA and NWA as they accumulated six tag team championships, and they were later inducted into the professional wrestling hall of fame.

    Paul would go on to gain nine more tag team titles with everyone from a storyline brother Stan Vachon to Chavo Guerrero Sr.

    Paul was an instrumental competitor in shaping tag team wrestling.

    His daughter would find her way into the business because of Paul.

Lucha Vachon

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    She technically doesn't have the blood of the Vachon family as she is adopted, but that didn't stop her from finding her way into the pro wrestling business thanks to be stepfather.

    Lucha Vachon did not find as much as gold as her father did, but that is partly due to her limited opportunities in every promotion she was involved with. She would gain women single's championship gold in three promotions along with POWW Tag Team gold.

    The main reason is remembered though is for her four years in the WWF.

    Her unconventional look for a typical women pro wrestler made her immediately noticeable, so she made an impression with her work in the company notably managing Goldust and showing off impressive in ring ability in comparison to many of the women at that time.

    She would have some chances at the Women's Title though she was never given a chance to wear the title.

    Lucha never passed her stepfather's legacy, but it was not due to lack of ability or work.

Chavo Guerrero Sr.

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    Chavo Guerrero Sr. was a legend.

    His list of accomplishments extend almost endlessly.

    He was the original inventor of the moonsault block.

    He has held the NWA Americas Heavyweight Title a record 15 times.

    He even was allowed to become the oldest WWE Cruiserweight Champion of all time.

    The Guerrero name is a long and illustrious line, and Chavo Guerrero Sr. is a major part of that legacy.

Chavo Guerrero Jr.

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    Chavo Guerrero Jr. was a third generation star carrying on the legacy of the Guerrero name, so he had a lot to live up to above the shadow of his father.

    Make no mistake, no matter what Chavo had to go through in WWE including the 2009 PWI Worst Feud of the Year with Hornswoggle, Chavo Jr. was everything a Guerrero should be.

    He has the in ring ability to match any of his predecessors and had understated charisma in spades.

    Sadly, Chavo was not nearly as successful as his ability would point out.

    His best times were in WWE where he captured four Cruiserweight Titles and the ECW Title (in WWECW).

    He also found some success as a cruiserweight in WCW with two additional reigns.

    The main problem was leaving the Guerrero legacy behind him as it always weighed him down.

    He was good enough to be great, but it is hard to match up to legends like his father, uncle, and grandfather.

Gory Guerrero

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    Speaking of Chavo's grandfather, Gory Guerrero is also a legend.

    While he may not have as many accomplishments as his son Chavo Guerrero Sr., Gory could be considered arguably the greatest Guerrero of all time as he was one of the greatest Hispanic wrestlers of all time.

    His work in Mexico was legendary, and he can be credited with the invention of many legendary submission moves.

    While he is most known for the Gory Special, he also invented the Camel Clutch which has become a widespread submission move since.

    Gory showed the world his talent, and he still leaves a lasting impression upon wrestling.

    There is only one Guerrero who can match his legacy, and that is his most successful son.

Eddie Guerrero

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    Eddie Guerrero was the complete package.

    He had charisma and in ring ability that transcended everyone he met in that squared circle.

    Eddie accumulated twenty-three titles in his career and made it big time in the WWE.

    He is a Triple Crown and Grand Slam champion. He was inducted into the 2006 Hall of Fame.

    He has created a lasting impression upon the pro wrestling world that is so profound that it transcends the legacies of the rest of his family.

    If anyone ever transcended their family name, it was Eddie Guerrero.

Rocky Johnson

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    Rocky Johnson has an incredible list of accomplishments.

    While he only captured one major title in WWF (the tag team belts with Tony Atlas), he won nearly every major NWA title.

    He has created the legacy of being part of the first black WWF World Tag Team championship team of all time.

    He was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2008.

    Most people would find it hard to break out of such a legacy.

The Rock

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    Perhaps the Rock worried about meeting his father's legacy, but he certainly did not show it.

    In only a few years in the WWF, The Rock made himself into one of the top two biggest stars in the business (next to SCSA).

    He is a nine-time World Champion along with holding tag team gold and the IC Championship on multiple occasions.

    The charisma that the Rock still possesses nearly transcends every other superstar to ever step foot in pro wrestling.

    The Rock could be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame tomorrow, and no one would even raise a finger in questioning.

    The day that the Rock came to the WWF, he almost instantly created a legacy.

    The Rock may be part of the great Anoa'i wrestling family, but he is a superstar all his own.

Legacies Spreading Through the Ages

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    These men were the beginning of a tradition of stars that is still developing to this day.

    Some men and women have great shadows to deal with.

    In fact, sometimes it is difficult to see how these young stars can even match up to their fathers.

    If this slide shows anything, hopefully it shows you that nothing can be simply shown at face value.

    Legends like the Guerrero family and Rocky Johnson brought to the WWE sons who would also become legends.

    As long as they never let the shadow weight them down, there is no limits to where a young star can go with drive and possibly the blood of a legend in their system.

    Thanks for reading!

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