WWE Legacy: Comparing 5 Current Stars with Their Legendary Fathers

Kevin Berge@TheBerge_Featured ColumnistOctober 19, 2011

WWE Legacy: Comparing 5 Current Stars with Their Legendary Fathers

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    This Sunday, we will watch as two former allies in Cody Rhodes and Randy Orton face off in the square circle.

    As allies, the two—alongside Ted Dibiase Jr.—were part of a stable known as Legacy. It was a stable that cherished the fact that its members were all part of a lineage of great stars.

    Each man came into the business with a shadow at his back weighing him down because of the legacy of his father before him.

    In the WWE today, more and more stars begin working in the business because of their fathers. Just in the last few years, the WWE has picked up second generation stars in Sin Cara and The Usos.

    There are also a number of young stars still in WWE's training grounds, FCW, who are second or third generation superstars.

    Each of these men have to fight to leave the shadows of their legendary fathers and make a name for themselves.

    The following are five such superstars who have huge boots to fill.

Cowboy Bob Orton

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    "Cowboy" Bob Orton is actually a second generation wrestler himself, as he is the son of Bob Orton Sr.

    Cowboy Bob Orton would win a number of heavyweight championships, but never touched championship gold in the WWF.

    However, his work in the company did not go unnoticed as he was inducted in to the WWE Hall of Fame in 2005.

    His son, by this time, had already done some phenomenal things in WWE. It still would have been a big moment for his son to know that he had a WWE Hall of Fame caliber father.

Randy Orton

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    Many stars fail in the shadow of their fathers, but Randy Orton came out on top. In fact, Orton may be the most successful generational superstar (including the Rock).

    Orton is a nine time World Heavyweight Champion at the age of 31. That is simply unprecedented. Orton has all the skills and in ring ability to surpass his father, and he did years ago.

Dusty Rhodes

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    Dusty Rhodes is a legend in professional wrestling. He is a three time NWA World Champion along with winning a number of heavyweight championships in other companies.

    Surprisingly, he never won gold in the WCW or WWF even though he is still considered to be one of the best mic workers and charismatic competitors of his generation.

    However, that did not stop him from being inducted into the WCW and WWE Halls of Fame. He is a legend who has seen two of his sons enter the business.

    One was an important figure in the WWE for years while another is just beginning his rise to stardom.

Cody Rhodes

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    Goldust, Dusty Rhodes' first son, never truly matched his father's success even though he found a character that was memorable and sustainable.

    However, Cody Rhodes has the ability to truly surpass his father. He is a great in-ring competitor and a great mic worker.

    He may not have as much charisma as his father (who does?), but he certainly inherited a wealth of it.

    Rhodes could very soon win his first WWE championship. If stays with the business long enough, he could certainly become as legendary as his father.

Ted Dibiase Sr.

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    One of the greatest heels of all time, Ted Dibiase never really gained much gold in the business.

    He has held a few heavyweight titles outside of the WWF, and he won tag team gold and the King of the Ring distinction while in the business.

    He is also a two time holder of his own, self-made title known as the Million Dollar Championship.

    He is still considered to be one of the greatest technical wrestlers in WWE's history and has a legacy that exceeds title reigns.

    When his son came into the business with the Ted Dibiase name, it was easy to recognize how large the shadow was by which he was weighed down.

Ted Dibiase Jr.

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    Ted Dibiase Jr. has had the hardest time breaking out of his father's shadow of any of these men. It certainly doesn't help that he has the exact same name as a WWE living legend.

    The sad part is that Ted Dibiase may have the ability to match his father. In pure accomplishments, he could certainly exceed his father.

    Dibiase Jr. has inherited much of his father's in-ring ability and some of his charisma, but he needs the right change either in his gimmick or his surroundings to succeed.

    At this point, he may just fall into obscurity and be forgotten.

Curt Hennig

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    Mr. Perfect is one of the greatest in-ring technicians in WWE history. He is also possibly the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time.

    While he never captured the WWF World Championship, he was still one of the biggest and best stars in business.

    For his twenty year career, Henning showed himself to be one of the finest stars in WWE history. His son has had to deal with that lineage to this day.

Michael McGillicutty

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    This is probably the hardest match to call as Michael McGillicutty simply has not been given any real chances.

    At his current state, he is a competent in-ring performer with horrible mic skills. That makes him nowhere near his father's level. However, with some time and fine tuning, McGillicutty could certainly become a star.

    If he wants to succeed without using his father's name, he might want to come up with a better last name. His mother's last name is Leonard. That is a slight improvement. OK, not really.

Dos Caras

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    Dos Caras is probably not a name that is known to most WWE fans, but that should not make you think any less of the legacy that Caras left for his son to follow.

    Dos Caras is a three time UWA (Universal Wrestling Alliance) World Heavyweight Champion. He also won the WWA (World Wrestling Association) World Heavyweight Championship once. He has also been called the greatest heavyweight ever to come out of Mexico.

    He was even placed into the hall of fame of Wrestling Observer Newsletter in 1998, which has also inducted both Dusty Rhodes and Ted Dibiase.

    He was an extremely important figure in Mexican pro wrestling and is legendary for having a perfect 8-0 record in Luchas De Apuestas: He never lost his mask in a match where he has put it on the line.

    While he never found his way into WWE, Caras had a legacy that would follow his son upon entering the WWE.

Alberto Del Rio

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    Alberto Del Rio has made quite a splash in his career so far.

    Being a two-time WWE Champion is a pretty big deal. He is also a CMLL (Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre) Champion. He is even undefeated in Luchas de Apuestas with a 1-0 record.

    However, looking at his overall success in pro wrestling as a whole, he still has a ways to go to meet his father's legacy.

    There is no doubt that if Del Rio continues his winning ways in WWE that his legacy will surpass his father's, even in Mexico.

    He has the skills in the ring and the massive charisma to become a huge star.

Legacies Just Beginning

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    Who else will soon be joining these stars with shadows on their backs? Richie Steamboat has the grand legacy of Ricky Steamboat to worry about.

    Husky Harris and Bo Rotundo are the third generation sons of IRS. Another Dibiase brother, Bret Dibiase, is waiting in the wings.

    Jesse White, now named Jake Carter, was just announced as a new addition to the FCW roster. He is the son of the legendary Big Van Vader.

    The world is changing and new stars are coming in to replace those who retire. Some of them have extremely large shoes to fill.