On the Sideline: Rants About Super Bowl Media Day

Jeremy MeyerCorrespondent IFebruary 9, 2008

To start things off, congratulations to the New York Giants for winning it all and taking a spot in history.

For destroying the bitter dream of the New England Patriots getting a perfect 19-0 season and joining the 1972 Miami Dolphins' company.

But before I go too much off topic, let's take it back to the week before the big game at the NFL Media Day.

According to the NFL, 116 different media outlets got credentials for the event, but the funny part of it all was of all that the media thought it was better to finish eating the breakfast buffet put out then to actually do some real work and go interview the players.

That was just the beginning of what people will always remember as the circus they call Super Bowl Media Day.

Outlets that have not covered a single football game all year take the field and disrupt it all for the real journalists that actually have deadlines and media outlets that need to get an interview with Tom Brady or Eli Manning before they go to print for tomorrow's paper.

But instead we get attractive women asking really stupid questions, like the Spanish reporter that asked almost every player on the field, including the much publicized “Will you marry me” given to Tom Brady.

Now if this was not enough, we had Entertainment Tonight correspondent Maria Menounos wearing a credential over her Tom Brady jersey. Don’t get me wrong, but if I tried to wear anything that showed I was giving more love for one of the teams, I would be waiting somewhere called the unemployment line.

But since this isn't real sports media, everything is a OK and they can wear whatever they want. Speaking of wearing whatever they wanted, the Spanish reporter who asked Brady to marry her at least came prepared incase he said yes.

How can the NFL let people like that in to the stadium?

Now if that was enough horror for all of you, how about the Telemundo reporter who thought he was funny using a puppet to interview Darren Barnett, a member of the Giants' practice squad?

You got to love the NFL, and we'll talk a lot about it in the upcoming weeks.

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