Kansas City Fan Bliss: Beating the Raiders Like a Red-Headed Step Child

John BartramCorrespondent IIOctober 24, 2011

The beauty of a fall day.  The leaves are changing into a sea of colors.  Kids are playing various sports at all the local parks and schools.  The temperature is not too hot or too cold, and the Chiefs are kicking the Raiders' ass.

Life is filled with difficulties, trials and tribulations, day in and day out. 

There is work, unless you got fired (which you probably did), your wife, unless she dumped your lazy ass for getting fired (which she probably did), your husband, unless you left the unemployed bum (which you probably did), the kids, who you only have to worry about on weekends now—and all the other stuff that you ignore.

There is, however, still joy to be had. 

You don't have to go to work anymore, your wife isn't around to annoy you and not have sex with you and your kids don't use your television for Xbox 24/7.  No doubt, you have the dog too—that's usually good.

Most importantly, you have uninterrupted Sundays to watch football (except the weekends you have the kids, but trust me, as a veteran divorced father, that's easy to work around).

If you're a Chief fan, you had yesterday. 

If the Chiefs go 2-14 (which, sadly, they have in the not-so-distant past) and those two wins were like yesterday, the season would not be a total loss.

If you're a Chiefs fan like I am, close to 50 years worth, beating the Raiders into the next zip code is one of life's pure joys.  Sure, the typical Raider fan will come back at you with a bunch of historical idiocy, but that's just a defensive mechanism for the utter shame they feel about the day before.

You know and I know that you can't wait to wake up and hit the blogs, and it's even better if you have a personal friend that's a Raider fan. 

You'll hear the usual silliness of things like, "You didn't even run for blah, blah" or "You didn't even throw for yada, yada" and "We didn't have this player or that player" and all the other garbage.

Point of fact: The Chiefs beat the Raiders yesterday like a dirty rug, and that's all that matters today.

Everything is over-analyzed in this day and age, and we all know it.  Here's something that is not: 28-0. 

That's all I need to look at.  Nothing else. 

I saw every play, and what I took from the game was this: 28-0.  That's almost as good as sex, pizza and beer.  OK, it's got pizza beat.

Enjoy your day today, Chief fans.  Worry about the next game next week. 

Today is fun.  That's all, it's fun slapping the Raiders to nothing.