Oakland Raiders Get Demolished and Changes Need to Be Made

Jus GonsalvesContributor IIIOctober 23, 2011

Hue has decisions to make.
Hue has decisions to make.Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

I support Carson Palmer's presence in Oakland.

I do not support Kyle Boller's presence in Oakland.

A few months ago I wrote an article stating that Boller in Oakland is a terrible idea, and that if Jason Campbell went down, the Raiders would have a long road ahead of them.

A 28-0 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs shows that.

Jason Campbell is not Tom Brady, but he had the confidence of his roster and a grasp on the playbook that would allow him to win. He is not the most accurate or dynamic quarterback in the NFL, but Campbell's impact is unmistakable; today proved that.

Kyle Boller does not belong on the roster, he should have been cut and Trent Edwards should have been retained. Boller punched his last ticket in a Raiders jersey with his horrible performance.

One could argue that Darren McFadden's foot injury led to harsh times against the Chiefs, but Michael Bush was doing a great job of moving the ball through carries; he did all he could do.

Jason Campbell would not have thrown three interceptions, as Kyle Boller did.

Campbell's interceptions came on a Hail Mary to Denarius Moore, two in New England on an accidental throwaway attempt and a check-down to McFadden that Wilfork stole.

Kyle Boller could barely get touch on his deep ball. In fact, he looked like he had trouble doing anything.

At the end of the day, anyone who questioned Jason Campbell's role in Oakland learned the hard way that, despite not being a Pro Bowler, he was important to the team. The Oakland Raiders that played the New York Jets and Houston Texans looked nothing like the Oakland Raiders that played the Kansas City Chiefs.

Palmer did not play for nearly a year; he did all he could do. No one expected Carson to step into the game and throw for 400 yards. He shook off the rust and completed passes that were respectable.

But Carson Palmer and Jason Campell (pre-injury) are two very different beasts, which showed against the Chiefs. Defenses would need to plan around the chance of Campbell beating secondaries on short slants, third downs and play-actions, whereas with Palmer and Boller, pressure them and they will not complete passes.

Once again, Carson Palmer did all he could do; he gets a pass.

Kyle Boller does not.

Jason Campbell's presence was missed. Many will argue that if he had played, Oakland would be 5-2 and at the top of the AFC West, but now Oakland is 4-3 and in second place going into a bye.

The AFC West streak is over; the winning streak in general is over.

Through the bye week, Kyle Boller should be removed from the Oakland Raiders' roster, and a new QB should come in to back up Carson Palmer in two weeks against the Denver Broncos, who look to have a new lease on life with the emergence on Tebow Magic.

In two weeks, Oakland will come off a bye week, and changes need to be made. What happened against the Chiefs was a disgrace to Al Davis, especially in the house that HE built.

Hue Jackson needs to evaluate what is happening, and figure out how to fix it. Two interceptions in the first quarter DOES NOT equal a good backup quarterback.

Jason Campbell and Carson Palmer should exchange texts, phone calls, e-Mails and conversations on how to get this team back on track, as Oakland needs to get it done.

Hopefully though, any Jason Campbell hater realizes now how important Jason Campbell was to the Oakland Raiders offense.

"Just Win, Baby?"

More like, "just score, baby."

Oakland has two weeks to figure out what went wrong and how to fix it, or else it will be another long season for Raider Nation, which would put a bitter end to the season for Al Davis.

Fix it, Hue, we have faith in you.