Eli Manning: The Perfect Player For The Big Apple

Thomas H.Correspondent IDecember 8, 2008


Eli Manning is a quarterback born in a quarterback family from the deep south. He plays solid football, not amazing football, but he shuts up. Exactly what the big city needs!

New York City, the city that never sleeps. EVERYTHING happens in NYC, and EVERYONE knows this.

That's why big name players don't work in this city. The guy who dominates and wins MVP can exist, but only when his soul is clean.

Alex Rodriguez is one of the most impressive MLB players, but he is known for a taste of trouble (A.K.A his new... friend Madonna). When you are the head news of the tabloid magazines, you have to pray you aren't in the biggest and meanest American city.

Oh, lets not forget Stephon Marbury. Don't even get me started on him. A coach like Isaah Thomas? That will never work out. PLEXICO BURRESS? ARE YOU PEOPLE INSANE??

So, is anyone acceptable?

Yep, Eli Manning.

The man does not win MVP's, and is looked as lesser than or equal to Peyton. Plus, doesn't talk trash. He has won a championship however, and gets the job done.

What more can New York City ask for? There is nothing the radio talk show hosts can say about him in New York. He has no crazy girlfriend, he isn't out partying, and isn't bagging on teammates or underachieving.

He lives a solid life, works hard every practice, and has led the Giants to a great start.

Another great thing? He doesn't make radical throws, he also keeps to himself and respects the game! He hasn't spoken out against people calling Peyton better, and he just plays the game.

So I say it simply, thank you Mr. Manning.

Thanks for making this game look respectable. Something that we can talk about and not have to say that every player is making stupid mistakes in life and making his team look bad.

Thanks for just playing the game, and know that the city you work for undermines how lucky they are to have your kind of mentality.