Oakland Raiders: Hey Al Davis, It's Trigger Time, Baby!

Mike SommersContributor IDecember 8, 2008

It is trigger time in the Raiders’ organization.


Never before has it been so obvious, so needed and so clear to see, that the Raiders need a new Head Coach. Wait a minute...Let me rephrase that...The Raiders need a new coaching staff!


I know, I know...You say “Mike we have had many new coaches over the last six years and it still hasn’t worked out.” Well folks, I am not talking about bringing in another rookie, project or experimental head coach.


I am talking about bringing in a respected, winning, well known coach; someone that will instantly grab the attention and respect of the players. A Jimmy Johnson, Bill Cowher, Steve Mariucci type of coach.


The Raiders have lacked discipline, game plan, preparedness, morale, focus, pride, accountability and confidence, all team attributes that come from the coaching staff. This has gone on since the Gruden years and it is time for that to come to a close.


Now I am not talking about bringing in just any head coach and making him use the current unsuccessful coaching staff. That would be like telling Kyle Busch to win the Daytona 500 with a ’74 Ford Pinto.


What I mean is for Al Davis to hire the best head coach money can buy (and that Al can convince that his contract is actually good and that he won’t tamper too much with the Head Coaches decisions {good luck}), and let HIM hire HIS OWN coaching staff.


Let the new Head Coach choose his own people to work with, people he knows are winners and on the same page to make this team a winner.


As a matter of fact, we are currently in need of an Offensive Coordinator, Defensive Coordinator (big time), Wide Receivers coach and throw in a new QB coach for good measure. Let a Johnson, Cowher, Mariucci bring in their own choices and we will have a winning team on our hands once again. God knows we need it.


So for the moment forget our Offensive line woes, the Wide Receiver issues and changes that need to be made on the player level. First things first, get the leadership renewed with the right guy and let him work his magic for you, Al.


Let's get rid of the losing stigma and losing streaks we have had. Let’s get back to the winning ways that were once known as Raider Football.


The San Clemente Kid