Carson Palmer: Oakland Raiders QB is Going To Love Seeing 8 Men in the Box

big ROC Stockton, CAAnalyst IIIJanuary 15, 2017

Everybody has an opinion on the deal for Carson Palmer. Some like it, some hate it and others are afraid of how good the Raiders' offense can be with a quarterback like Carson Palmer. The Raiders offense was already one of the best in the NFL. The Raiders have the NFL's leading rusher in Darren McFadden. When he is on the field, all eyes are on No. 20, which Palmer is going to thrive off of.  

When teams play the Raiders, their main priority is to stop McFadden. If they allow him to get going, it is very tough to beat the Raiders. Opposing defenses have to commit to stopping the run. In doing so, they have to bring an extra man toward the line of scrimmage. This leaves the defense with one deep safety.  

In these situations, Palmer is going to thrive. He is going to have the opportunity to make a lot of big plays this year. The defense always gets sucked in when they think McFadden is getting the ball. Palmer is going to make the defense pay when they go all out against the run and leave the secondary vulnerable.  

Jason Campbell did a very good job leading the Raiders to this point. He made plays in key situations to help us get to 4-2. He did, however, leave quite a few big plays on the field this year that would have changed the complexion of some games. He had Chaz Schilens wide open on that flea flicker only to over throw him. That INT at the end of the first half against the Patriots pretty much killed us.  

Darius Heyward-Bey has had a solid season thus far, but his numbers would be better if Campbell could have placed a few throws a little more accurately. DHB had to slow down and wait for a pass that went for 50-plus yards but it could have been a 80-plus yard touchdown with a better throw. Heyward-Bey and Denarius Moore have been open deep down field, only to have Campbell lead them out of bounds with his pass.

I believe Palmer is going to be putting those throws on the money. He has a big-time arm and is very decisive in the pocket. He is going to thrive in this offense with the weapons he has around him. The Raiders' offensive line is one of the strongest units in the NFL right now. They are paving the way for the league leading rusher and have given up the least amount of sacks per game.  

Palmer is going to love playing in this offense. It is not going to happen overnight, but once he gets his rhythm down, look out!  The Raiders' offense is going to be scary good. They were already in the top ten in a lot of offensive categories. Palmer is an upgrade at the position. He makes the Raiders legitimate contenders in the AFC this year.  

The Raiders are built to make a serious run once they get in the postseason. The can control the clock with their offense and the defense is now starting to come around. They held their last two opponents to less than 100 yards rushing. They are dominating in the trenches and that is where it all counts the most.

Look out! The Raiders are in position to make some serious noise down the stretch of the season.